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I’d like to take a brief pause mid-rumor to recommend Baseball Prospectus.  A BP subscription is easily worth $39.95 to any baseball fan; I use mine daily and I’d happily pay more for it.

You always see me quoting guys like prospect guru Kevin Goldstein or injury expert Will Carroll; their columns are just the tip of the iceberg over there.  They post over 1,000 articles per season.

They’ve got every stat under the sun, and you can customize reports and download them in Excel.  I use this all the time too.  The stats range from the basic ones to ridiculous-sounding ones.

And then there’s PECOTA, the state of the art player projection system.  When the new set of PECOTAs come out it’s like Christmas for baseball geeks.

Again, I wholeheartedly endorse spending $39.95 on a BP subscription.  Click here to read about the benefits and features in more detail and to sign up.

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