Angelos Killed 7-For-2 Bedard/Roberts Deal With Cubs?

UPDATE, 1-20-08 at 9:25am: Jim Hendry called the 7-for-2 report "not accurate."  So three sources have weighed in on this Angelos-killed deal and two indicate that it is not to be believed.  Meanwhile Roch Kubatko says that "it now appears the Cubs would be willing to part with Rich Hill" if they could get Roberts and Bedard.  But the Orioles still don’t want to package the two. 

FROM 1-19-08 at 11:42am:

Eye-opening rumor from Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times today.  His Cubs source says Orioles owner Peter Angelos nixed a 7-for-2 blockbuster that would’ve netted the Cubs Brian Roberts and Erik Bedard (presumably for the Cubs’ entire farm system).  However, Wittenmyer also talked to an Orioles source who said there was no such deal on the table.

Seems a Roberts acquisition for the Cubs is becoming less likely.  The focus may have shifted to Marlon Byrd.  I wonder if the best thing for Felix Pie’s development would be to just let him play every day and bat eighth, without bringing in veteran competition.

Wittenmyer says the Orioles plan to shop Roberts and Bedard through month’s end and would prefer not to package them together.

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