Erik Bedard Rumors: Monday

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 8:58pm: The drama continues.  Baker believes the deal is still alive, and heard the original quotes from Jones with his own two ears.  Jones did say he was traded to the Orioles and that he was off to Baltimore for a physical, despite the KOMO 1000 backpedaling.  In other words, the Orioles asked him to kindly stop talking.

Jeff Zrebiec has the latest from the Baltimore side.  The O’s are holding this up over "unspecified complex issues," which might mean Angelos’ approval.  Zrebiec believes the framework of a deal has been agreed upon, and that Jones was at one point scheduled to fly to Baltimore for a physical.  Zrebiec also got in touch with Mariners GM Bill Bavasi, who apparently pulled Jones from winter ball simply because he "met his goals."

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 5:46pm: According to KOMO 1000 News Radio, Jones has been ordered not to play but remains in Venezuela.  He was also misquoted by the Venezuelan press – he did not mention getting traded.

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 4:51pm: I honestly didn’t think Angelos would interfere with this one.  But according to Ken Rosenthal, the deal is on hold and possibly off because of him.  Then again, we knew it was on hold until Tuesday anyway because of Angelos’ availability.

FROM 1-28-08 at 1:43pm:

Let’s get a fresh post going for the Erik Bedard rumors.

  • According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Bedard to Seattle trade awaits Peter Angelos’ approval.  Angelos will not be available today to evaluate the deal because of a family matter.  So this should drag a bit more.
  • Stark still expects the deal to get done but verifies that Adam Jones was not sent to Baltimore for a physical. 
  • Jerry Crasnick says both Jones and George Sherrill have been told to take physicals in anticipation of the deal.  Sherrill disputes this in the Seattle PI, though.
  • Stark and Crasnick say the current package from Seattle is Jones, Sherrill, Chris Tillman, and a fourth unknown prospect.  Tillman, however, hasn’t yet been informed of a trade.

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