Holliday Discusses Future

The Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck recently visited Matt Holliday at his home and discussed all sorts of things.  Holliday is signed through the 2009 season, and his future beyond that was a theme.

The Rockies were said to be considering a four-year offer that would’ve bought out two years of free agency, before signing Holliday for 2008-09.  Holliday said that it wouldn’t be fair for the Rockies to expect him to take a four-year deal.

As Renck points out, there is a huge gap between the Rockies buying out two years of free agency and the nine years they gave to Todd Helton.  The length of the deal is the central issue, but Holliday is willing to make concessions if the Rockies do the same.  My guess is that he’d be up for a six-year extension, possibly five.  Holliday added that if Garrett Atkins were traded it would obviously influence his decision on whether to stay in Colorado.

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