Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Garcia, Lohse, Colon

With a full slate of Spring Training games underway today, there are still some big names hanging out in the free agent market. After the Red Sox signed signed former Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal, there are still two big-name starting pitchers that have yet to find new homes. Former all-star Freddy Garcia is not expected to be ready until mid-season after having rotator cuff surgery last fall, but may have interest from several clubs. On the other hand Kyle Lohse is still looking for work despite being perfectly healthy. His biggest ailment maybe that his agent’s name is Scott Boras. With just over four weeks until opening day, let’s take a look at coverage of these pitchers in the blogosphere.

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  • Mets Fever notes that the names Garcia and Lohse keep popping up on the radar and they are not surprised considering that the Mets rotation is a crapshoot once you get past Johan Santana.
  • Sox and Pinstripes says that signing Garcia would be a smart move for the Red Sox. With Colon and Curt Schilling, Garcia would provide the Sox with plenty of second half pitching insurance.
  • Fire Brand of the American League is hoping the Red Sox will sign Garcia as they believe he will be more dependable than Colon.
  • MetsBlog can’t see the Mets signing Lohse unless they can find a way to unload Orlando Hernandez. And then they would only go for a one year deal.
  • Sox & Dawgs notes the age-old baseball cliche that a team can never have too much pitching and likes the addition of Colon.
  • Bugs & Cranks says that the signing of Colon has them seeing El Guapo Deja Vu and wonder if he will be as important and beloved as another former Cy Young winner, Eric Gagne.
  • Surviving Grady notes that every good sitcom needs a fat guy and now the Red Sox have theirs in the form of Colon.

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