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I am looking to add some weekend assistance to the MLBTR team.  Specifically, I have two slots open for MLBTR coverage: Saturdays from 1pm-5pm and Saturdays from 5pm-9pm.  Times are in CST.  I’m open to the idea of one person taking both slots.  The gig pays on a per post basis (a post is typically 3-4 short paragraphs).

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Strong writing skills and a casual style similar to the one found on the site now.
  • Strong knowledge of all 30 teams and no discernible bias.
  • Technical ability to post and edit on a blog; experience helps.
  • Ability to monitor breaking news for all 30 teams and post quickly but without errors.
  • Ability to write interesting short feature type posts for the site during your time slot if the hot stove is cold.
  • Regular availability each week during at least one of the above time slots.  You’ll have to be on your computer nonstop for the entire four-hour period.
  • If you applied before, feel free to apply again.  I know I had to pass on many good writers at that time.
  • Send all inquiries to, and thanks for the consideration.

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