Giants Plan To Keep Pitchers

According to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Giants are looking to add a bat without trading pitching.  The names mentioned remain Joe Crede and Brandon Inge, but the White Sox and Tigers want hurlers.

The equation doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface – if the Giants won’t trade pitching, and they have no hitters to speak of, how are they going to make an acquisition?

As we learned Thursday, the answer is that the Giants may only be looking to trade undesirable veterans.  Names like Scott Williamson, Randy Messenger, and Dave Roberts have been part of Brian Sabean’s offers for Crede.  Kenny Williams scoffed at this, inquiring about Jonathan Sanchez.  The gap may be too wide to bridge.  I have to side with San Francisco on this one – the demand for Crede and Inge quite low, and the Giants don’t have a strong need for either. Aaron Rowand isn’t holding his breath for a Crede-to-San Fran trade.

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