Mets Have No Interest In Bonds

A couple New Yorker-perspectives on the Mets interest in Barry Bonds:

First, The NY Daily News reports that the Mets have "laughed off" the idea, saying,

"…a high-ranking Mets official insisted there is no interest in taking on the monumental baggage – which includes charges of perjury and obstruction of justice – stemming from the out-of-work home run king’s involvement in baseball’s ongoing steroids mess."

And Joel Sherman at the New York Post has joined in on the fun,

"Of course the Mets should enlist Barry Bonds. He fits their program perfectly.  He is old, injury prone and very likely will not respect the manager."

This isn’t new – MLBTR discussed Buster Olney’s recommendation of the Mets signing Bonds here, and MLBTR readers seemed to see this as a good move, despite Omar Minaya’s stated reluctance.  As it stands, it doesn’t seem to be in consideration.

By Nat Boyle

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