Coco To Stay For Now

From the Sunday Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo notes that Brandon Moss’ emergency appendectomy yesterday "certainly puts the kibosh on any thought of moving Coco Crisp…"  And when Bobby Kielty returns from his hand injury, Moss may be a mainstay.  Cafardo notes that Moss has been impressive so far.  Writes Cafardo,

"’I’ve been trying to get Moss for three years," said one assistant general manager in the American League West. "I think he’s a guy who is going to be a very good major league player. He can do a lot of things. Strong lefthanded bat. Good head for the game, but the Red Sox aren’t inclined to deal him. We’ve tried, believe me.’"

The 24 year old Georgia-native Brandon Moss (or Brandy Moss to me) has had not one but two clutch game winning hits so far this year.  He’s hitting .289 with 2 HR in 21 AB.

With regards to the Coco angle, it’s apparent that staying put was the right decision for the Red Sox.  They have needed the depth to cover minor injuries to J.D. Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Crisp.  Crisp does not seem unhappy with the situation as a whole and Ellsbury’s production is obviously unaffected by occasional days off.  Further, as pinch runners they have been late inning weapons.  The Sox only problem seems to be middle relief but few teams don’t share in that dilemma, and the Sox have internal options I expect them to go to before making a deal.  Eventually, you’d think they’ll have to hand the reins over to Ellsbury but for now having both is a blessing.  There are certainly a lot of opinions on this – what are yours?

By Nat Boyle

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