Pirates Likely To Draft Pedro Alvarez

John Perrotto of the Beaver County Times chronicles the Pirates’ recent draft blunders.  So many wasted picks.  Under different management, the Pirates could have David Wright, B.J. Upton, Carlos Quentin, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Wieters in the organization.  Sounds like a fantasy team.  Such hindsight cherry-picking is unfair, but the Pirates should have Upton and Wieters right now.

Anyway, the depressing trend of bad picks for the Pirates is likely to change this year.  For the first time, the Bucs might give out a Major League contract to a draft pick.  That pick would be Pedro Alvarez, who Perrotto believes the Pirates will take at #2.  Rumblings do not indicate the Rays want Alvarez.  Both Jonathan Mayo and Baseball America believe the Pirates will get their man.

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