Dodgers Interested In Cano?

FRIDAY:’s Jon Heyman says this rumor was "shot down by those in the know." 

THURSDAY: George King of the New York Post has a zinger of a rumor this morning:

Dodgers have an interest in Robinson Cano and might be willing to deal Derek Lowe and outfielder Matt Kemp, but the Yankees aren’t inclined to part with the red-hot second baseman unless there is a front-of-the-rotation-type starter coming to The Bronx. Lowe, who has the stomach for big games and has AL East experience with the Red Sox, doesn’t fit that bill.

If Lowe isn’t a frontline starter, he has to be considered a strong #2.  Anyway, I’m not sure exactly what to make of this rumor.  The idea of the Dodgers trading Lowe and Kemp for Cano – is that speculation or inside information?

Yankees execs meet today to discuss their deadline plan.  Brian Cashman is sticking to his guns about holding on to his best young players.

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