Red Sox Have Little Interest In Tejada

10:39pm: Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle says the Red Sox have "almost no interest" in Tejada.  Other teams are considering Tejada, but a trade is unlikely.

8:18pm: It’s possible the Tigers are also in the mix for Tejada.  They are among many teams scouting the Astros (the Nationals, Mets, Rangers, and Giants are others).

7:04pm: According to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, the Red Sox and Astros have discussed shortstop Miguel Tejada.  Rojas is not sure how far the trade talk has progressed.  Tejada seemed open to the idea in a quote given to Rojas.

Tejada is hitting .281/.318/.420 in 431 plate appearances this year.  The Astros are hoping a move to the #2 spot in the order will continue to revive his bat.  Tejada is owed about $4.6MM more this year, plus $13MM in ’09.  It was revealed in April that Tejada is 34 years old rather than 32 as was previously thought.

Theo Epstein and Ed Wade have matched up on trades before, when Wade was working for Phillies.  One of those was Jeremy Giambi for Josh Hancock back in ’02.

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