Torre Talks Dodgers’ Needs

Update 1:55 pm: The Dodgers have acquired Casey Blake from the Indians.

Before Friday night’s game, Torre discussed the team’s options and how they’ll address them if indeed they’ll make a move before this year’s trade deadline.

He mentioned the need to be active on the trade front, but noted that after the injuries to Nomar Garciaparra and Rafael Furcal, other teams are asking too high a price. He did confirm, however, that Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti is looking to make a move while reiterating that the team won’t "mortgage the future" in exchange for a rental:

Where we’re at, are we interested in a player that can help us now? Yes. Will we mortgage the future? No. We’re willing to give up something. I don’t think you want to sacrifice the future for somebody who’s going to be here just this year. If you borrow or rent for half a season and give up more, next year you’re filling holes again."

MLBlogs writer Ken Gurnick followed up with Dodgers’ sources on the rumor that they’re on the verge of trading Andy LaRoche (possibly +1) for A’s reliever Huston Street, to which they scoffed.

For the record, Street signed a one year deal with the A’s in January to avoid arbitration.

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