Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Pedro Alvarez

Let’s take a look at what is being written about the Pedro Alvarez-Scott Boras-Pirates situation in the Blogosphere…

  • The Pittsburgh Lumber Co. feels this situation is more about Boras versus MLB than Alvarez versus the Pirates. They feel it is too early for Pirates fans to turn against Alvarez and suggest this will all be forgotten next summer.
  • Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke? wonders if this is not about getting more money for Alvarez. They wonder if Boras has a more sinister motive, to set a precedent for allowing negotiations after the August 15 deadline, in essence making the deadline meaningless.
  • Bucs Dugout wonders if the Alvarez situation will cause problems for Rangers’ prospect Julio Borbon.
  • Babes Love Baseball says Alvarez is just the latest soul to be claimed by Boras.
  • Walk Off Walk normally sides with the players against the owners, but even they think Boras has gone too far this time.
  • Pirates beat writer Dejan Kovacevic has details about the grievance, which will focus on Alvarez.

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