Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Giles, Teixeira, Dunn, Manny

A few random notes from around the baseball Blogosphere…

  • Orioles Outsider projects what Mark Teixeira should be worth on the open-market and wonders how much above that number the O’s should be willing to go.
  • Baltimore Birds Nest thinks that the only way Teixeira ends up in an O’s uniform next season is if Peter Angelos opens the wallet and makes the biggest offer.
  • Camden Chat would prefer to have Adam Dunn over Teixeira.
  • The Shadow of Manny Ramirez compares the Manny Ramirez trade to a scene from "Sex and the City"…Don’t worry. It went over my head also.
  • Not to be outdone, Soxaholix wonders why every time one of the Sox best players leaves town, it is like an episode of the new "90210".

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