Heyman’s Latest: Sabathia, Roberts, Cain

Here’s a look at the latest column from SI.com’s Jon Heyman.

  • One "Yankees person" believes it will take "crazy money" to convince C.C. Sabathia to pitch in New York and in the American League.
  • The following three names are being bandied about in the Yankees’ clubhouse for center field next year: Nate McLouth, David DeJesus, and Matt Kemp.  DeJesus seems the most reasonable target, though Robinson Cano could be part of a package for Kemp.  DeJesus, it should be noted, played a poor center field this year according to the plus/minus system.
  • Heyman doesn’t see the Yankees re-signing Jason Giambi or Bobby Abreu due to defensive concerns.
  • Heyman says the Brewers’ efforts to acquire Brian Roberts were more under the radar than the Cubs’.  GM Doug Melvin admitted Roberts’ name came up last spring, as the Orioles "were wanting to get [the Brewers] involved."
  • Heyman speculation…could the Giants send Matt Cain and another player to Milwaukee for Prince Fielder, and then sign Sabathia?  Or could the Rockies jump into the bidding for C.C.?

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