Odds and Ends: Springer, Sheffield, Bonds

How about some weekend odds and ends?

  • Free agent reliever Russ Springer intends to pitch next year, and he prefers the Cardinals.  The Cards haven’t discussed a contract with him, though, and they might prefer their younger (and cheaper) righthanded relievers.
  • Dave Cameron thinks Nate Robertson might be a sleeper, based on his peripheral stats.  Boof Bonser is another pitcher whose ERA didn’t match up with his other numbers this year.
  • Peter Woodfork apparently bowed out of the Mariners GM job competition after his interview.  The Ms could decide between Tony LaCava, Jerry DiPoto, Kim Ng, and Jack Zduriencik by Tuesday.
  • Scott Boras won a $550K decision against former client Gary Sheffield.  Will Sheff make good on his February promise to say "ugly things" about Boras now?
  • Phil Rogers speculates on Manny Ramirez in a Cubs uniform, but admits they’d have to somehow move Alfonso Soriano first.  Small obstacle: $106MM owed to Soriano over the next six years, plus his full no-trade clause.
  • Yahoo’s Tim Brown says Barry Bonds could be awarded $100MM or more if the players union wins its collusion case.  Bonds would like to play in 2009, but no one expects it.

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