Would Peavy Play For Yankees?

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record recently chatted with Jake Peavy‘s agent, Barry Axelrod.  Peavy prefers to stay in San Diego, but not if they decide to rebuild.  In that case, he’d apparently considering waiving his no-trade clause for three unknown American League teams (his National League number is not known).  Axelrod spoke in generalities about the appeal of pinstripes, which could be seen as an indication Peavy might be willing to play for the Yankees.

Peavy would need some kind of extra compensation to approve any trade.  Caldera speculates that guaranteeing the pitcher’s 2013 option might satisfy him.  That’d put him under contract for $81MM over five years – still a market discount.  A.J. Burnett might be seeking that kind of contract.

Acquiring Peavy could be the next best thing to signing C.C. Sabathia.  Tough to say how Peavy would fare at the new Yankee Stadium – his home/road splits were pronounced in ’08, ’06, and ’03.  It’s hard to see the Padres trading Peavy to the Yankees without Phil Hughes being involved.  Kevin Towers has been Brian Cashman’s most frequent trading partner – they’ve matched up on nine deals (but none since ’05).

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