Boras Contacts Dodgers To Discuss Manny

10:43pm: A bit more from’s Ken Gurnick.  Boras left a voicemail for Colletti, and they’ll probably talk this week.

8:48pm: Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports that Scott Boras has contacted Dodgers GM Ned Colletti regarding the future of his superstar client Manny Ramirez.

The contact was likely motivated by a recent Times piece that quoted Colletti as saying Ramirez was the Dodgers’ "first choice." Boras may be feeling pressure to get a deal done for his client, as recent rumors have connected the Dodgers to Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu. If the Dodgers were to sign one of those free agents, they would likely no longer be interested in Ramirez.

With the list of potential suitors for Manny already shrinking, taking the Dodgers out of the picture would probably force some creative thinking on the part of Scott Boras to get his client signed.

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