Derek Lowe Rumors: Wednesday

4:07pm: Jack Curry of the New York Times weighs in.  He can see the Mets bumping their offer to $39MM for three years, but agrees that they won’t add a fourth year (despite four-year deals given to inferior pitchers in recent times).

8:43am: MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone says a Derek Lowe signing is "feeling inevitable" for the New York National League club.  They’ll have to up their three-year, $36MM offer; Cerrone sees the Mets as unlikely to guarantee a fourth year or reach $15MM per.

According to John Harper of the New York Daily News, Lowe told a friend that the Red Sox never showed serious interest.  Harper thinks the Mets’ limit is three years and $40MM.

The Mets’ competition for Lowe is unclear.  The Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox don’t seem interested.  Still, if Lowe is coming at a discount you have to wonder if the Braves, Indians, Rangers, Brewers, and Cubs will get involved (entirely speculation).

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