Odds and Ends: Teixeira, Pujols, McLane

Links for Monday…

  • Daniel Cabrera passed his physical for the Nationals.
  • Tony Massarotti writes that the Red Sox had a shot at Mark Teixeira.  The Scott Boras camp was proposing $176MM guaranteed for eight years with vesting options that could’ve brought the total to $220MM over ten years.  Ultimately the Yankees beat Boston’s offer by $10MM, with no options and a full no-trade clause.
  • Viva El Birdos looks at what the Teixeira contract means for Albert Pujols.  Will Albert seek the largest contract in baseball history?  The Cardinals have him through the 2011 season.
  • RotoAuthority looks at the power/speed shortstop options for fantasy baseball leagues.
  • Astros owner Drayton McLane is the second owner to publicly admit he wants a salary cap (Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said it right after the Teixeira signing).  Interesting take on the salary cap by Dan Symborski at Baseball Think Factory.
  • The best of Big League Stew’s Answer Man series.

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