Yankees Outfield Surplus

According to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News:

The Yankees are looking to move two from a group of outfielders of Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher and Hideki Matsui. The Angels, Texas, Oakland and Atlanta are considered to have interest.

Joel Sherman has noted that the Braves attempted to acquire Swisher from the White Sox before the Yankees did.  The Angels seem content with their outfield.  Sherman and Ringolsby both seem to think the Yanks prefer to retain Johnny Damon.

Sherman cautioned that the "glut of hitters" remaining on the free agent market will make it more difficult for the Yankees to move one of their corner guys.  From the emails I receive, Yankees fans would most like to see Matsui dealt.  Perhaps he will be, but I believe his current trade value is negative.  34 years old, full no-trade clause, $13MM salary in ’09, September knee surgery and a questionable ability to play the outfield.

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