Randy Wolf Rumors: Wednesday

11:36pm: MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick believes the Dodgers and Wolf "will remain apart until the Mets sign a pitcher," perhaps because the Mets have more money to spend than the Dodgers.  Braden Looper is the Dodgers’ fallback plan.

4:42pm: Ken Rosenthal addresses Randy Wolf‘s situation now that Jon Garland is no longer an option for the Mets and Dodgers.

Wolf’s agents are still talking to both teams; the Mets are currently focused on Oliver Perez though.  The Mets are also talking to Ben Sheets‘ agent.  One Rosenthal source said the Mets "could sign Wolf quickly if they made him a pre-emptive offer."  That won’t happen unless Perez is ruled out.

Rosenthal says the Dodgers "reassessed their positions with Wolf and Garland after the Yankees re-signed free-agent lefty Andy Pettitte for $5.5 million with the chance to earn $6.5 million in incentives."  We’re left to read between the lines; does it mean the Dodgers are now offering less to Wolf?

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