Rangers Sign Jason Jennings

10:54pm: Renck says Jennings can make $1.45MM in incentives for innings pitched, on top of his $800K base salary.

9:07am: According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, the Rangers signed pitcher Jason Jennings to a minor league deal. 

Jennings was a bust after the Astros acquired him for the ’07 season; he had surgery for a torn flexor tendon in his elbow in August of that year.  Sound familiar?  It’s the same injury Ben Sheets has.  Jennings was still able to get $4MM guaranteed from the Rangers before the ’08 season, reminding us how drastically the market has changed in one year.  Jennings had another flexor tendon surgery in May of ’08 (the first surgery "didn’t take.")  MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan notes that the Rangers had interest in Odalis Perez before he re-signed with the Nationals.  In a blog post, Sullivan looks at some other flexor tendon cases, with Andy Pettitte being the best one.

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