Beimel Contract Details

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post has details on Joe Beimel's new contract with the Nationals.  Renck says it's a one-year, $2MM deal with up to $250K in incentives.  The incentives kick in at 60 games and max out at 80.  Renck says the Rockies balked at Beimel's asking price.  Tracy Ringolsby of Inside The Rockies has more:

Beimel signed with Washington, a one-year $2 million deal in the last week. He showed no interest in the Rockies' overtures. He was seeking more than $3 million, and I have seen some reports that he was actually asking for a two-year deal at $4 million a year, but I have not had anyone confirm that.

Does Beimel make sense for the Nationals?  Unless they can flip him for something good in July, it seems to be $2MM better spent on the draft.

We have a few other Nationals notes from's Bill Ladson.  Ladson talked to an opposing scout who says the Nats are trying to trade Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns but does not expect them to find a match.  Additionally, minor league signee Jorge Sosa hasn't been able to get a work visa in the U.S.

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