Free Agents Off On The Wrong Foot

It's way too early to label the busts of the 2008-09 free agent class.  We're only about 12% into the season.  But I still want to take a look at the slow starts among the pricier free agents.  It doesn't take much to irritate a fanbase, initially.

  • Mark Teixeira, Yankees: .206/.363/.381 in 80 plate appearances.  This contract runs through 2016, so it's barely begun.
  • C.C. Sabathia, Yankees: 4.73 ERA in 32.3 innings.  So far we haven't seen the expected walk and strikeout rates.  This one runs through 2015.
  • A.J. Burnett, Yankees: 5.47 ERA in 24.6 innings.  Home runs and walks have been the problem so far.  He's signed through 2013.
  • Oliver Perez, Mets:  9.31 ERA in 19.3 innings.  Control has been the biggest problem, and there's already talk of moving him to the bullpen.  Perez is signed through 2011.
  • Milton Bradley, Cubs: .107/.324/.214 in 37 plate appearances.  Bradley has started eight of the Cubs' 19 game so far and isn't off to a good start with the media.  He's signed through 2011, unless he spends significant time on the DL this year.
  • Rafael Furcal, Dodgers: .241/.326/.316 in 89 plate appearances.  Signed through 2011.
  • Kenshin Kawakami, Braves: 7.06 ERA in 21.6 innings.  Kawakami left his pinpoint control in Japan.  He's signed through 2011. 
  • Kerry Wood, Indians: 6.75 ERA in 8 innings.  Vesting option for 2011.
  • Brian Fuentes, Angels: 6.43 ERA in 7 innings.  Vesting option for 2011.
  • Pat Burrell, Rays: .238/.364/.317 in 77 plate appearances.  Signed through 2010.
  • Damaso Marte, Yankees: 15.19 ERA in 5.3 innings.  Signed through 2011.
  • Kyle Farnsworth, Royals: 9.95 ERA in 6.3 innings.  Signed through 2010.
  • Randy Johnson, Giants: 6.16 ERA in 19 innings.  Signed through 2009.
  • Trevor Hoffman, Brewers: Missed most of April due to oblique injury.  Signed through 2009.
  • Ty Wigginton, Orioles: .216/.256/.270 in 78 plate appearances.  Signed through 2010.
  • Jason Giambi, A's: .215/.311/.308 in 74 plate appearances.  Signed through 2009.
  • Brad Penny, Red Sox: 8.66 ERA in 17.6 innings.  Signed through 2009.  We'll cut it off here, at the $5MM+ deals.

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