Damon Talks About Future, Varitek

MONDAY: WEEI's Alex Speier talked to Damon.  Damon's stance on the term of his next contract:

"I would like to at least get two years, but we’ll see what happens. If I need to take a one with an option or a vesting option, then so be it."

Damon also stirred the pot a bit in reference to Jason Varitek:

"I couldn’t believe that they were letting him walk and try to find a team.  That’s the difference between New York and Boston…If you’re a part of New York, they’re going to keep you there: Posada, Jeter, Mariano, it’s the first time in history guys have been on the same team for 15 years.  It goes to show you something about how the Yankees think, and how many Yankees players have been exclusive with one team. They keep them forever.  (The Red Sox) were ready to let (Varitek) go. He’s their starting catcher. That’s how the two teams work. You know his days are going to be numbered here. But hopefully not — he deserves to be here until his career is over."

FRIDAY: ESPN's Andrew Marchand has a story up about a Johnny Damon radio appearance on 1050 AM in New York.  Damon, a free agent after the season, hopes to re-sign with the Yankees.  However, he feels the chances are slim based on the team's young outfielders.  Damon specifically mentioned Austin Jackson.

Damon, 35, is hitting .295/.385/.500 in 91 plate appearances on the young season.  Realistically, the Yankees may well look to sign an outfielder this winter.  It just might not be Damon.

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