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You hear about Super Twos, but who are they and what distinguishes them from other players? Here's a quick explanation, along with lists of Super Twos from the last few years. None of these lists could have been assembled without Jeff Euston of Cot's Baseball Contracts

  • According to the MLBPA: Super Twos come from the group of players who have between two and three years service time and at least 86 days service time the previous year. The 17% of those players with the most service time become Super Twos.
  • They go to arbitration four times, instead of the usual three. 
  • This means Super Twos make more money than other players who have between two and three years of service time. Going to arbitration four times is much more lucrative than renewing a contract once and going to arb three times.
  • They don't become free agents earlier than other players; six years of service time are still required.
  • No Super Two had less than two years, 130 days service time any of the last three winters. Alex Rios, Randy Flores and Antonio Perez all went to arbitration for the first time with two years, 130 days service time before the 2007 season.
  • The most service time a Super Two player could have is two years, 171 days. Any more than that and the player has three years.
  • Since 2007, the average Super Two has had two years and 148 days of service time. 
  • Players who started the 2009 season with a year and 140 days of service time have a good chance at becoming Super Twos with a full season of baseball, but we won't know who qualifies until the season's over.
  • Service time is written: years.days. So if a player has three years and 145 days of service time, it's noted as 3.145.

2010 Super Twos
Matt Albers, Orioles 2.141
Mike Fontenot, Cubs 2.139
Tom Gorzelanny, Cubs 2.160
Jared Burton, Reds 2.165
Nick Masset, Reds 2.146
Rafael Perez, Indians 2.157
Jason Hammel, Rockies 2.153
Hunter Pence, Astros 2.156
Alex Gordon, Royals 2.162
Carlos Gomez, Brewers 2.141
Rajai Davis, A's 2.167
Joey Devine, A's 2.171
Tim Lincecum, Giants 2.148
Brian Wilson, Giants 2.169
Matt Garza, Rays 2.149
Dustin Nippert, Rangers 2.140
Jesus Flores, Nationals 2.158

2009 Super Twos
Willy Aybar
Brian Bannister
Taylor Buchholz
Melky Cabrera
Chris Duncan
Andre Ethier
Cole Hamels
Shawn Hill
Brandon League
Russell Martin
Mike Napoli
Ricky Nolasco
Angel Pagan
Humberto Quintero
Luke Scott
Jack Taschner

2008 Super Twos
Jose Bautista
Brian Bruney
Tim Byrdak
Robinson Cano
Ryan Church
Matt Diaz
Jonny Gomes
Brad Hennessey
Ryan Howard
Casey Kotchman
Dallas McPherson
Augie Ojeda
George Sherrill
Brian Tallet
Mark Teahen
Chien-Ming Wang

2007 Super Twos
Dave Borkowski
Eric Bruntlett
Daniel Cabrera
Randy Flores
Jason Frasor
Geoff Geary
Jimmy Gobble
Matt Miller
Justin Morneau
Antonio Perez
Alex Rios
Cory Sullivan
Mike Wood

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