Week In Review: 5/24/09 – 5/30/09

We're getting into the summer months of the season, and the market for this year's deadline is slowly beginning to form. We heard a lot this week about teams identifying needs and creating their midsummer wish lists. Let's take a look back at what's happened in the MLBTR world since last Sunday!

  • We'll start with the White Sox, because there's a lot there. The South-Siders acquired Ramon Castro this week, and subsequently DFA'ed Corky Miller. Almost as big of an impact as Jake Peavy, right? In all seriousness though, this is a nice pickup for the Sox, as it prevents them from having a black hole in their lineup every time A.J. Pierzynski sits. Miller was hitting just .205/.262/.282 and had scattered just five hits over his last 31 ABs with the Sox. Kenny Williams sent former first-rounder Lance Broadway to the Mets in exchange. Probably not what they had in mind when they drafted him.
  • This isn't the end of dealing for the White Sox, though. The Sox are looking for starting pitching, and have their sights set on names like Erik Bedard and Roy Oswalt. Oswalt presents an interesting possibility; it's rumored that he might welcome a change of scenery.The Sox were scouting the Astros this week. I imagine Oswalt would command a bounty similar to what was offered for Peavy. This trade makes sense, though. The Sox need pitching and the Astros need to get younger in a hurry.
  • Lots of teams looking for bats as well, and I'm sure a lot of fans out there drool over the thought of their teams acquiring Adrian Gonzalez. Unfortunately, they'll all have to keep dreaming. Gonzalez isn't available.
  • The Cardinals are one team specifically looking for a bat, with the news that Troy Glaus may not be able to play at all in 2009. Mark DeRosa is a possibility, or they could buy extremely low on someone like Garrett Atkins and hope for a rebound.
  • You can add the Giants to that list as well, and they've recently inquired about the availability of Dan Uggla. Uggla's been off to a terrible start, but he's picked it up the past few weeks, and his plate discipline is still there. When the line drives start dropping in, I expect his numbers to improve greatly.
  • The Giants have been linked to Nick Johnson as well, and at this point, it's only a matter of who he gets traded to and when, not whether or not he will. The Nats are ready to start moving veterans, and Johnson's off to a phenomenal start to 2009, hitting .337/.438/.457. Mike Rizzo said that anyone on his team is available, if it makes a stronger team for the future. I've got to imagine that excludes Ryan Zimmerman, though.
  • The month of May was an absolutely ridiculous one for Joe Mauer. Mauer posted a line of .414/.500/.838 this month, crushing 11 home runs, driving in 32, scoring 27, and drawing 19 walks to just 16 strikeouts. How much is Mauer worth when he reaches free agency? Mauer has said he'd like to stay in Minnesota, and Twins fans certainly seem convinced that their hometown hero will stay in the Twin Cities, but will a team like the Red Sox lure him away with one of the most lucrative contracts ever?
  • Clint Hurdle is out as the Rockies' manager, but general manager Dan O'Dowd would like to keep him around in a front office role. The Rockies are off to a terrible start to the 2009 season. This move wasn't really a surprise to anyone.
  • 2010 Options updates: Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Brewers, and Astros.
  • And on a nice note to end this week (and this month, for that matter), let's once again congratulate Tim and his wife on their upcoming baby! Ben Nicholson-Smith will step up his role here at MLBTR for a few months. He already did a very nice job on the chat this week.

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