Discussion: Are White Sox Buyers or Sellers?

The Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales got a hold of White Sox GM Kenny Williams to discuss the team's recent woes, losing seven of nine and sitting five and half games out of first place. When asked if he'd break up the team if the losing streak continued, it appeared he'd be taking a "wait-and-see approach":

"Hard decisions always have to be made. But very clearly, we are in a transitional phase, and if this team shows me at some point they don't pick it up at some point (sic), yeah, I'm going to have do some things that maybe aren't going to be the most popular but in the best interests of the club."

He says such decisions are "a little ways away." But with Ozzie Guillen's prediction that Carlos Quentin won't be back until past the All-Star Break, the 27-32 Sox could make moves sooner rather than later.

The Sox still have a few stagnant performers who could be primed for breakout–Alexei Ramirez comes to mind–but if you were GM, would you act as a buyer or seller? As a buyer, what deals would make sense to help them contend? As a seller, who would be the first pieces to go?

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