Roy Halladay Rumors: Friday

7:46pm: Bob Elliot of The Toronto Sun reports that only the Phillies and Yankees have scouts watching Halladay tonight.

6:47pm: Speaking on Sirius XM, commissioner Bud Selig said "I was told by somebody with pretty good inside knowledge that they won’t get rid of him," referring of course to Halladay. He followed that up by saying "Now, whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. And, you know, clubs are going to start bidding it up."

6:39pm: Tom Haudricourt tweets that GM Doug Melvin said "it's not true that the Brewers have withdrawn from the bidding for Halladay."

6:07pm: Andy Martino of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Blue Jays have asked for Kyle Drabek, J.A. Happ and outfielder Dominic Brown.

5:31pm:'s Jordan Bastian hears from a source that reports of Halladay being traded to Philly within the next 24 hours are inaccurate.

4:50pm: Ed Price of AOL FanHouse hears that the Jays are considering trading Halladay to the Phillies for Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jason Donald and Lou Marson. However, no deal appears to be close.

4:20pm: The Phillies are "fully determined" to acquire Halladay, while the Dodgers still have a small chance of acquiring him, according to Knobler. As for the Jays, one person involved says "it's obvious that they have to move him now."

4:05pm: The Jays could obtain a stronger supporting group if they were to accept J.A. Happ in place of Kyle Drabek in a possible trade, according to Heyman.

3:59pm: Knobler says the Brewers are "basically out" of the Halladay talks because they don't want to give up Alcides Escobar or Mat Gamel. Boston's representatives also left Toronto today.

3:28pm: Danny Knobler of CBS Sports says the Phillies remain the favorites to acquire Halladay, but the teams don't appear to be close to completing a deal.

2:04pm:'s Ken Gurnick passes on comments Dodgers GM Ned Colletti made this morning on KABC Radio. Colletti says the Jays want two or three current Dodgers, including a young pitcher, or five or six prospects.

2:00pm: Jon Heyman of says the Phils are "trying hard" to obtain Halladay. He'd be surprised if they don't acquire him.

11:45am: Ed Price of AOL FanHouse says Cincinnati has interest in Halladay. Presumably, Halladay wouldn't accept a trade to the 44-50 Reds.

10:00am: With a week to go before the trade deadline, here's a recap of what we found out about Roy Halladay yesterday: the Jays could expand a deal to include other players; Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi said Halladay wants to test the free agent market after next season; Halladay has given Ricciardi a list of teams he'd accept trades to; Kyle Drabek is not untouchable; the Angels and Dodgers are still in the mix. And here's what we've heard so far today:

  • Ricciardi told The Globe and Mail that Halladay has not given the Blue Jays a list of teams. Instead, the Jays have run teams by Halladay to determine his interest in joining them.
  • Jon Heyman says the Phillies are frontrunners for Halladay, but the Brewers have a shot at Toronto's ace.
  • Ricciardi told Jim Salisbury of the Philadelphia Inquirer that he's in the midst of serious discussions with four teams, all of which have the talent to acquire Halladay.
  • Ricciardi says he hasn't discussed specifics with the Phillies; Salisbury's sources say the Blue Jays would require Kyle Drabek and J.A. Happ in the deal, along with others.
  • Former Phillies GM Pat Gillick sounds tempted by Halladay, saying he'd give the Phils the chance to go "back-to-back." 
  • Happ knows tonight's start could be his last for the Phillies, according to's David Gurian-Peck.
  • Ricciardi told Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun that the Blue Jays won't pay any of Halladay's salary if they trade him.

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