Cubs Rumors: Bradley, Grabow, Reed Johnson

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune and Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times discuss the Cubs' offseason plans in new articles today.

  • Both writers agree that unloading right fielder Milton Bradley (owed $21MM) is at the top of GM Jim Hendry's to-do list.  Wittenmyer's sources suggest the Cubs might be able to move Bradley without eating 80% of his contract.  Sullivan believes the Cubs could kill two birds with one stone by trading Bradley for their desired "RBI guy," one who carries an equally poor contract.  Magglio Ordonez and Jose Guillen come to mind for me.  However, the Tigers would have no motivation to make the swap and the Royals are not interested (it's a poor match on money and handedness anyway). 
  • Sullivan says lefty reliever John Grabow wants a three-year deal, and the Cubs "are likely to give it to him."  That'd be overpaying, based on last year's market for lefty relievers.
  • Sullivan believes Jake Fox and Mike Fontenot are trade candidates.  Fox might be a good fit with an American League club.
  • Will the Cubs opt for a cheap backup outfielder in Sam Fuld, or will they re-sign Reed Johnson?
  • Neither writer expects the Cubs to trade Carlos Zambrano.

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