Dan Uggla Hopes To Remain At Second Base

Yahoo's Tim Brown, talking to Dan Uggla's agent Jeff Borris, learned that Uggla wants to stay at second base.  Said Borris:

"Danny Uggla's been a full-time second baseman for the last four years.  He's performed exceptionally well at that position. Although he has the athleticism to play other positions, he's performed remarkably over these four years at second base and there should be no reason to consider a position change at this time."

That's technically true, since Uggla hasn't been traded yet.  But many of his suitors, including the Orioles, Giants, Red Sox, and Braves, would have Uggla play a position other than second base.  Perhaps it is unwise to acquire a player and force him to change positions.  But Uggla does not have a say in the matter, as we learned with Alfonso Soriano heading into the 2006 season with the Nationals.

Uggla has only played second base in the Majors.  In 2005 at Double A, Uggla played all four infield positions.  The previous year, he spent some time in the outfield.

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