Latest Milton Bradley Scenario

1:36pm:'s Carrie Muskat hears from a Cubs official that there's nothing to the rumored three way deal between the Cubs, Rangers and Mets. However, four to six teams are interested in Bradley to varying degrees.

10:58am: The latest Milton Bradley trade scenario comes courtesy of Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, who considers Bradley going to the Rangers, Kevin Millwood to the Mets, and Luis Castillo to the Cubs.

We talked to a source familiar with the situation who said that this deal is not being discussed.  Backing that up,'s T.R. Sullivan talked to a Rangers official who said it's "not happening."  So for our purposes it's more of a discussion piece. 

Does this satisfy the needs of all three teams?  The Rangers add a bat and trade from an area of depth, the Mets free up second base for other pursuits and get a veteran for the rotation, and the Cubs unload Bradley while getting a piece they can use.  The money: Bradley is owed $21MM over two years, Millwood $12MM over one, and Castillo $12MM over two.

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