Astros Offer Arb To Valverde, Not Tejada, Hawkins, Brocail

The Astros offered arbitration only to Jose Valverde (A) and not Miguel Tejada (A), LaTroy Hawkins (A), or Doug Brocail (B), according to the team's Senior Director of Digital Media Alyson Footer

Interesting relief choices; I'd predicted no arbitration offers to Valverde or Hawkins.  That said, an offer to Valverde always made sense.  He does not seem likely to accept arbitration and take a one-year deal.  The Astros are known to have an offer on the table to Hawkins, so maybe they didn't want to complicate the picture by offering arbitration.

You might consider Valverde the loser here and Hawkins the winner, as Valverde will now come with a draft pick cost attached.

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