Matt Holliday’s Best Offer

Based on published reports, let's try to determine the best offer Matt Holliday has received.

  • Tracy Ringolsby, then of the Rocky Mountain News, reported that Holliday rejected a four-year, $82MM extension from the Rockies in the spring of 2008.  Ringolsby's colleague Dave Krieger talked to Holliday about the offer, and learned that it did not include a no-trade clause.  In another article, Ringolsby put the offer at four years and $72MM, and noted that Holliday would've been able to void the contract if dealt. 
  • Did the Rockies really top out at four years?  Reader Dan B. passed along this video of 9NEWS' Susie Wargin interviewing Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd in November of '08.  About 35 seconds into the video, O'Dowd said the Rockies offered Holliday $107.5MM over seven years during Spring Training of '08.  That comes to a salary of $15.36MM, but it's the only $100MM+ offer Holliday received.
  • ESPN's Buster Olney reported that the Cardinals' offer to Holliday this winter guaranteed five years, while Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch put the salary at $15-16MM. If both reports are accurate, the Cardinals' best offer could not exceed five years and $80MM.
  • It appears that in terms of total dollars, Holliday's pre-John Lackey offer from the Red Sox was the best.  Boston's five-year offer was initially pegged at $82.5MM, while today John Tomase of the Boston Herald says it was $85MM.
  • It seems that Holliday's best offer in terms of yearly salary was $20.5MM from the Rockies before the '08 season, but the lack of a no-trade clause devalued it.  It appears that the Red Sox outdid the Cardinals by a million or two per year, but Boston's offer is no longer on the table.  Perhaps Scott Boras is holding out for a sixth guaranteed year or $18MM per, but with no obvious competition there's no reason for the Cardinals to raise their offer.  The Orioles' interest waned quickly and the Mets are currently focused on Jason Bay.  In Boras' perfect world Bay would not sign with the Mets, and they'd tangle with the Cards for Holliday. 

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