Mets Focused On Five Starting Pitchers

The New York Mets have targeted five free agent starting pitchers, according to the New York Post's Joel Sherman: John Lackey, Joel Pineiro, Jason Marquis, Jon Garland, and Doug Davis.

The Mets have yet to make any offers to free agent starters, but have met with Lackey's representation and are having an internal debate on whether to "go all-in" for the right-hander. With the club feeling that they're unlikely to invest heavily in a catcher or left fielder, some of the team's brass think they should spend their money on the best pitcher available, rather than saving it for other positions.

Of the five pitchers Sherman mentions, the Mets are only willing to offer more than three years to Lackey, and no more than two years to Marquis, Garland, and Davis.

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