Fielder Discusses Contract Situation

It's good to be Prince Fielder. At 25 years old, he's one of the most feared bats in the National League, entering the second year of a two-year, $18MM contract, and according to's Adam McCalvy and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Anthony Witrado, he's worry-free when it comes to his next contract.

Fielder addressed several reporters today at Brewers On Deck, a day-long fan festival held in Milwaukee. While it's no secret that his agent, Scott Boras, aims for every dollar possible for his clients, Fielder says he's not yet concerned with the situation, and that ultimately, it's not Boras' decision:

"In the end, it's my decision. But as my agent, he's going to make sure that I have the most information possible about what's going to benefit me and my family. That's what it's about first. My family has to be happy, and then I go from there. There's no urgency right now as far as that."

Fielder owns Brewers single-season records in home runs (50 in 2007), walks (110 in 2009), and RBIs (141 in 2009). McCalvy writes that the historical significance of those numbers matters to Fielder. While Boras may be dreaming of the open market with dollar signs in his eyes, if you ask the big man himself, he's happy where he is and would like to stick around:

"I came up here and I love it here. My thing is I want to stay here as long as possible. For now, I'm here for two more years anyway. All that other stuff, hopefully, will work out."

Fielder is under team control through the 2011 season, as he'll be eligible for arbitration one last time after the 2010 season. It's tough to imagine that the Brewers would want to go through that process, as it could be a record-setting case. For comparison, Mark Teixeira received $12.5MM through his final year of arbitration, a 39% raise from the prior year. That type of raise would put Fielder somewhere around $14.5MM for 2011.

There have been no deadlines set on working out an extension to this point. If he were to reach the open market, Fielder would join a group potentially including Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, and Ryan Howard. Now that's what I call a free agent class!

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