Johnny Damon Considered Retirement?

8:47pm: Yankees' GM Brian Cashman shot down Hairston's comments, tweets Ken Davidoff of Newsday.

8:10pm: Jerry Hairston Jr. was on Jim Bowden's radio show on XM 175 earlier today, and said that the Yankees didn't make him an offer because they're waiting on Damon's price to come down (via Bowden's Twitter). If true, it would seem that it's only matter of time before they get a deal worked out.

12:38pm: David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution feels differently – his source close to Damon says retirement hasn't been considered (Twitter link).

8:43am: Johnny Damon has considered retirement, according to a friend of Damon's who spoke to Bob Klapisch of The Bergen Record.  Keep in mind that Damon pondered the same idea back in Spring Training '07.  However, that March '09 Bill Madden article added that Damon "harbors no more thoughts of retiring when his contract expires after this season."

Though Damon texted "I'm sure things will work out somewhere" to Tyler Kepner of the New York Times, his prospects of a decent contract appear bleak.  ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted Monday that the Yankees haven't made recent contact.  They and the Braves are thought to have only $2MM in the budget.  The Giants and Tigers appear out, though I imagine Damon will find a market if his price drops below $5MM.

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  1. scottandwtb 6 years ago

    I bet he’ll have to take a LaRoche type deal. One year at $4 – $5 million.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      I think that with the respect that the organization has for Johnny Damon…They will be able to get done. The Yankees that is. Hal Steinbrenner said no to Cashman’s proposal to free up some cash for a mid-season Mike Cameron trade but think about it. When it comes to the Yankees, there is a big difference between Mike Cameron and Johnny Damon. They will work something out. It’s bound to happen.

  2. Deanezag 6 years ago

    “However, that March ’09 Bill Madden article added that Damon “harbors no more thoughts of retiring when his contract expires after this season”

    Yeah because Boras told him he could get another 50m in FA.

  3. demetriusminor 6 years ago

    I think the Braves will eventually sign him between 2-5 million, I would say.

  4. demetriusminor 6 years ago

    He’ll probably end up signing with the Braves for about 2-5million…

  5. demetriusminor 6 years ago

    I think he’ll probably end up signing with the Braves in the 2-5 million dollar range…at least i’m hoping he does

    • bbxxj 6 years ago

      No matter how many times you say it its still not a good idea. We can replicate his offense from Diaz/Cabrera with much better defense at no extra cost.

      • demetriusminor 6 years ago

        i personally believe the Braves need one more bat or one more piece…damon brings experience…i still think he might sign with Atl..he has expressed interest in playing for Cox

        • bbxxj 6 years ago

          Damon has more experience, sure.

          Diaz is a similar or better hitter who plays better defense and is cheaper.

          Damon is a solid downgrade, not an addition.

      • csg 6 years ago

        No it is a good idea and a smart business decision. You can still platoon Diaz and Melky in RF. This allows Heyward to start the season in June and it gives the braves at least another full season of his services. Yes they spend a little more now, but it gives Heyward the opportunity to season a bit more. Having Diaz, Melky, and Damon is still better than just Diaz, Melky, and hoping Heyward is ready. Look at what the 10 extra days of Lincecum is now costing the Giants. Pay a little over budget now and save money down the road and keep Heyward’s services for another full season while in his prime

  6. NYBravosFan10 6 years ago

    i think the braves have said plenty of times that they aren’t spending any more this offseason. I think they want to save for the trade deadline.

  7. bbxxj 6 years ago

    He is finding out the harsh reality that teams won’t pay for poor defensive players unless they have big time power like Bay. If a team wants a leadoff or #2 hitter they can find them in FA or in their system and find them with much better defense usually at premium spots like MI or CF unlike a power spot like LF where Damon plays.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 6 years ago

      I agree that the Braves don’t need Damon. I agree that Damon needs to drop his price in this economy to get an offer. I agree he needs Yankees stadium to hit HR’s. Where I disagree with you, is that the Braves are a better team off without him. Unless Bobby decides to bat Diaz 1st against Lefties and McLouth against Righties, I don’t think the team will be as good as I know it can. Adding Damon/Lopez (Felipe can play LF and had an OPS slightly lower than that of Crawford’s) would give us a cheap lead-off hitter who can move McLouth down the order to hit for power. Maybe Wren was right and McLouth has regained his lead-off form, but I wont settle for a .250 something BA for the lead-off guy.

  8. demetriusminor 6 years ago

    If his value falls really low, the Braves could add him…despite poor defense, he still is a very good hitter

    • bbxxj 6 years ago

      So is Diaz.

      Damon in a full season away from Yankee stadium:

      .284/.349/.446/.795 16HR 13SB

      Diaz in a full season 70% vsRHP 30% vsLHP

      .307/.387/.480/.867 19HR 15SB

      I’ll stay with Diaz and his above average D in LF thank you.

      • demetriusminor 6 years ago

        so who would u suggest the braves add or sing?

        • bbxxj 6 years ago

          1. McLouth CF
          2. Prado 2B
          3. Chipper 3B
          4. Glaus 1B
          5. McCann C
          6. Escobar SS
          7. Heyward RF
          8. Diaz LF

          So…. nobody. There is noone on the FA market any better than who we have right now.

          Its all pointless anyways because Wren isn’t signing anyone else. Sorry.

          • LawUSA87 6 years ago

            1. McLouth
            2. Prado
            3. Chipper
            4. Diaz
            5. McCann
            6. Escobar
            7. Glaus
            8. Cabrera

            Is most likely what you looking at but then again who really know what order they will bat til after ST and OD.

          • RiverKKiller999 6 years ago

            Dude I hope this was a joke because I laughed . …Diaz hitting 4th ? LMAO !!

          • wilchiro 6 years ago

            Diaz is your cleanup hitter? Ouch…

            1. Cabrera LF
            2. Prado 2B
            3. McLouth CF
            4. Jones 3B
            5. McCann C
            6. Glaus 1B
            7. Escobar SS
            8. Diaz/Heyward RF

            Doubt it will turn out like that, but it fits.

      • Diaz doesn’t REALLY have above average D in LF, he’s closer to average. But he is a better defender than Damon. I’d rather see the Braves sign Nady for $3M, in case Glaus goes down. And don’t say Hinske is our back up, he is not starter material anymore.

      • Alldaybaseball 6 years ago

        Diaz has above average D? I’m a Braves fan don’t get me wrong, but I have heard that he has below average D. Love Diaz though.

        • bbxxj 6 years ago

          According to UZR/150 he is above average in LF but below average in RF. He has fairly good range but his arm won’t play well anywhere but LF where it is perfectly acceptable.

          Now he isn’t an elite double digit UZR/150 LFer but he consistantly posts positive numbers and just by watching him you can tell he gets to most balls, reads the ball well, and has an accurate but maybe a bit weak arm.

  9. thefabs 6 years ago

    If he signs anywhere for 2-5 million, its going to be the Yankees, no way they are going to let him go anywhere else at that price.

  10. NYBravosFan10 6 years ago

    don’t worry i’m sure he’ll end up in some glorious homecoming event in NY because he truly is a “yankee type of guy” barf

    • Deanezag 6 years ago

      It’s a business, 90% of players go for the money.

      • NYBravosFan10 6 years ago

        It’s not so much that Damon is demanding money, Scott Boras now has Damon fully brainwashed and has him thinking that he’s God’s gift to baseball. Damon should fire Boras and go to someone that doesn’t frighten lower market teams.

        • Deanezag 6 years ago

          Boras is good at getting money for prospects and for All-Star FAs. In the past he was good with older veterans too, but a majority of GMs have become smarter and are no longer falling into the trap of giving 35 year olds big money.

          • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

            And sadly, Damon is caught in his web of lies.

    • SullyLV. 6 years ago

      Why would Damon want to play for a team that is going to finish 3-4 in the NL East barf!

  11. $1574266 6 years ago

    If his price tag drops to 5 mil or under the Pirates need to jump in. Who cares about Jeff Clement playing 1st. He can’t field and know one knows if he can produce at the plate. Put Garrett Jones at first, his natural position, and put Damon in right. Sign him to a one year deal. If he produces and they win, keep him. If he plays well and we loose, trade him for a prospect or two. That being said there is know way that happens.

    • Since_77 6 years ago

      This wouldn’t work because Damon has no arm whatsoever.

      • $1574266 6 years ago

        Yea but it’s not like he is playing center field at the polo grounds. PNC Park has a very short right field. And if he was good enough for the Yankees last year, he should be good enough for the Pirates this year.

        • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

          Damon’s arm isn’t good enough to play RF in a Little Leage field. Runners would go from first to third and second to home all day. Just because he was good enough to play in left for the Yankees doesn’t mean he’s good enough to play in right for the Pirates.

          • Alldaybaseball 6 years ago

            His arm can’t be worse than Pierre’s. Can it?

        • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

          The problem with your theory is that, for all the complaints about RF in the new YS, he was the biggest benefactor of it. He had 17 HRs at home as supposed to only 7 on the road. You won’t get the same power numbers if he plays in PNC park.

      • pcain1027 6 years ago

        You sir are 100% right about that. I remember watching him in KC and my dad saying Jesus Damon throws like a girl.

  12. This is a big deal, i think it really shows what Boras is really good at, and what kinds of players should use him. If your a great player, in his prime or about to hit his prime, say hello to Boras, he should be your agent. Players that are past their prime, or maybe that were very good, or just average, should not be using Boras as their agent. Damon years ago when he signed the original contract with the yankees, was fortunate to have Boras as an agent. He got a great contract for him. Now, as an aging player, he has literally priced his way out of baseball in general. The team that he wanted to stay with (Yankees) went out and got younger and better, while spending less money. The braves went out and got Huff, and DeRosa. And the Braves don’t have the money to get him either.

    • gunger69 6 years ago

      the giants got derosa and huff. get your facts right….sheesh

      • LawUSA87 6 years ago

        Guess the Giants traded them for cash considerations.

        • my bad i stopped paying attention half way through the sentence sorry about that

  13. pmc765 6 years ago

    Rosterbator pretty much nails it.

    These unemployed Boras clients don’t have to go home and get a job at Wal-Mart. They can do what the aging Kenny Rogers did in 2007: fire Boras (who had obtained good contracts for him previously) and sign the offer Boras is urging you not to.

    Teams have every right to make Boras clients feel stress. It’s good business. It will drive down the price of poker in future years.

    Competing agents should be able to land some of these clients.

  14. ptownbrave 6 years ago

    I have to disagree w/ what was said here…

    Diaz still hasn’t played a full season as a regular starter, therefore, you can’t say his numbers wouldn’t fall off the table…just look at the year they gave him the gig before he crashed into a wall in Milwaukee…he was awful as a 100% regular…

    Damon would give the Braves a leadoff man and allow them to move Nate down the order where he can use his power/speed combo better and balance out the lineup better…It also gives the option to move Cabrera or keep Heyward in AAA til June if they would like.

    If nothing else, it incredibly strengthens the bench as well.

    Me, I would do it for 3-4 tomorrow IF they had the money…according to what I’ve calculated they should have 5-6 Mil available, yet they say they only have around 2…Thats where I scratch my head…

    • bbxxj 6 years ago

      Because he struggled in 135 AB two years ago means he is an awful regular player? Not sure I follow.

      I would look at his .310/.358/.459/.817 line in 1280 career AB and his clear improvement against RHP and on defense. I mean he posted a .349 OBP vsRHP and a 1.103 OPS vsLHP (.921 career OPS vsLHP) and a sold/average 2.9 UZR/150 in LF (6.2 career UZR/150 in LF).

      So basically you don’t like a guy who absolutely mauls LHP, gets on base against and still hits RHP, and plays above average D in LF with some speed on the basepaths… for no extra cost.

  15. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    I’m all for the Yanks showing some restraint and working within a budget but enough is enough already. The market has come back to them and Damon is sitting there waiting for them. Put the offer of 2/14 back on the table or even 1/$7 mil with an option for the same. There is little doubt that the Yanks would be an even better lineup with Damon as their #2. Let’s not allow $5 mil to get in the way. You never know when an injury might thin things out. I could live with his noodle arm for one more year. Step up Cash!! Put the $7 mil offer out there once and for all. If he passes then we move on.

    • 0bsessions 6 years ago

      Why put that offer back on the table when there’s no one else willing to offer that much? I understand that the Yanks have oddles of money and all that, but throwing out that kind of offer when they don’t even really have all that much use for him is a big part of why people hate the Yankees’ spending philosophy. Yeah, he’d make their team better, but they’ve already got a payroll over double that of the majority of the league. Let ONE player walk.

      I for one applaud Cashman for sticking to his guns on this.

      • Because you don’t want to end up like the Mets and with Molina.

        • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

          I’m pretty sure Mets fans are estatic about that one.

      • Deanezag 6 years ago

        I agree with Cashman sticking to his guns.
        Damon has no market right now, there is no need for the Yankees to give him 1/7m or 2 years.

    • Not 2/14, why would you give him a 2 year deal. One at the most. Then you figure 1 year 3-5 million will probably get him at this point

    • I completely agree with you. I would offer him 1 year 7 million with an option for 2011. That’s sounds like a good deal to me. Plus we need to bolster our bench now cause Jerry Jr. and Hinske moved on.

  16. iowacubs 6 years ago

    and the Cubs signed Marlon Byrd for how much…..

  17. dickylarue 6 years ago

    This story will do NOTHING to help Damon’s prospects. I truly think the revelation that he was thinking of retiring early on in his Yankees contract has stung him. Torre talked about it in his “book” and it appears his motivation is in question yet again.

    Why would any team ask a player who still believes he’s a top star in the league to take a massive pay cut when they know he’s been thinking of walking away from the game for years now.

    Damon, apparently, was involved in some kind of Madoff like financial mess last year. Nady was involved in it too. In spring training last year, there were stories about how all of Damon’s credit cards and accounts were closed due to this.

    I don’t know if it was straightened out or not or what his losses were from the money/fund manager who screwed him and other athletes, but I think the initial number Boras was spouting was to try to make up for the money Damon lost.

    The Yankees did well not to fall in the trap and now their 2 year 14 million offer is a pipe dream that can’t be recreated for Damon.

    I can’t imagine the Yankees taking him back since he will be so stung by the way the market collapsed on him. He’s already an emotional player who has considered walking away from the game. I think a lot of GM’s know whatever contract he signs will be perceived as a slap in the face to Damon’s ego at this point and they don’t want to deal with the drama.

    It’s a shame since I think he’s still one of the best clutch hitters around. He still works pitchers till they give in to him and he’s a fun guy to watch as a fan. His arm is horrible, but he gets to more balls in the OF than some of the other OF’ers who are making a lot more than him.

    His demise has been overblown by statheads. Add in Boras asking for the moon and you can see why Damon is sitting here in January with no idea where he’s going to play.

    His best bet is to re-engage the Yankees independent of Boras and attempt to convince them he won’t be slighted by the contract if they are fair with him and show him they still want him.

  18. pcain1027 6 years ago

    One thing is for sure he isnt going to hit 24 HRs if he isnt playing half of his games at Yankee stadium

  19. NYYANKEES 6 years ago

    Boras really needs to start thinking global for Damon (likely Japan). And I am dead serious about it.

  20. LTDm206 6 years ago

    What a baby.

    Do you still want to play the game? Then sign for what is available.

    Retirement and salary demands should be 2 separate issues.

  21. Ricky 6 years ago

    Damon retire? Funny – he loves $$$$$ too much

  22. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    Cashman has done wonders to address our major needs. I have no problems going into 2010 with Gardner as our starter. However, I feel the better team is the one with Damon as a the starter and Gardner as the 4th OF. This team lacks depth in the OF. As it stands we are one injury away from Jamie Hoffman being our starting LF. Even if we added Reed Johnson or Rocco Baldelli, one could argue that neither of them would be starters on any of the other 29 ball clubs. That being said, what are we talking about? $7 mil dollars? If we can spend $2 mil on a platoon OF then the Yanks should have no problem spending another $5 mil on a guy who’s NY tested and approved and fits nicely into the #2 spot. Now is not the time to stand on ceremony. If he does accept $3 or $4 mil, it probably won’t be to play in NY, simply out of pride. If he were to accept the Yanks 1/$7 plus an option, he can at least save face. Imagine if Gardner is ineffective or one of Gardner/Granderson/Swisher goes down and Nick Johnson visits the DL. The entire season could hinge on the health of a couple of players. We all thought we had too many OF’ers last year and what happened? Both Nady and Gardner missed a signifigant amount of time and Melky Cabrera was overused. For an extra $5 mil you buy yourself more depth and more security. How any can see that as a “bad” deal is beyond me. Could he be had for less than $7 mil? Sure. If he does dip below his asking price does that mean no other team might step to the table with an offer of at least $4 mil? Of course not. Offer him 1/$7 mil and an option and if he declines, then go out and sign Baldelli, Johnson or Winn. But let’s not be revisionist here. Despite his noodle of an arm, Damon was a tried and trusted star who came thru big for most of the season and into the playoffs. You know what to expect and you know NY isn’t going to be an issue for him. Can you say that about any of the other options out there?

    • ratkovarda 6 years ago

      Every $1.0 the Yankees give to JD costs them $1.4;
      so a 1/$7m deal for JD is really a 1/$9.8m deal after the luxury tax for the Yankees

      he ain’t worth 9.8

  23. It’s not about if Damon is better than Diaz. It’s about how Bobby Cox will use his players and Diaz is a platoon player for Bobby who’ll only start against LHP on a normal basis. Damon would be an upgrade over Melky and Hinske would even be a better offensive platoon partner with Diaz, but Bobby won’t use Hinske that way.

    • NYBravosFan10 6 years ago

      that’s another issue. Diaz has done nothing short of earned a starting job and does not deserve to be shoved behind Johnny Damon. And I know he would get shoved back because no way in hell Damon signs on to be a platoon guy. I don’t even know if Boras knows that word.

  24. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    Damon retire? Funny – he loves $$$$$ too much

    Don’t we all? Can anyone blame a 36 year old for trying to get the best deal he can? The mistake made by he and Boras was misjudging the market and the value placed on defense nowadays. He can still be a productive hitter, in or out of NY. Damon was never a real power hitter, so if he went somewhere and “only” posted a .285/.365 15 hr line, then he is still a fine player, especially at $7 mil and under.

  25. markjsunz 6 years ago

    The problem Damon has is he is unrealistic as to what his worth is. He is on the Downside of a good career, and if he would lower his price teams will show an interest. He will probably have to sign a few days before spring training for a one year deal. Damon has always gone for the money which is his right,the guy has always been a mercenary, with a mercenary agent. Good luck finding a job at the salary you want or your agent tells youyou are worth.

  26. fitz 6 years ago

    Way too greedy to retire.

  27. Did anyone take a look at his home/road splits last year? He’s declining, going to be 36 and can only hit at the joke New Yankee Stadium where apparently everyone is a 35 HR hitter. He should take the noble route and retire on top with a ring and before he gets shown up as a NewYankee stadium fluke.


    • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

      -removed, see above-

    • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

      Actually, I’ll do that homework for you. In order, the numbers I will post are: AVG, SLG, HR, 2B. They are the most relevant.

      Home: .331 .495 13 12
      Away: .337 .437 5 15

      Home: .279 .533 17 18
      Away: .284 .446 7 18

      Home: .312 .627 24 21
      Away: .273 .502 15 21

      Home: .260 .537 18 9
      Away: .313 .525 12 8

      Home: .265 .462 13 11
      Away: .286 .567 15 10

      Home: .325 .613 14 13
      Away: .245 .432 8 12

      Home: .338 .541 14 22
      Away: .303 .498 11 26

      Swisher (the anomoly himself)
      Home: .226 .394 8 14
      Away: .266 .579 21 20

      Home: .271 .424 9 12
      Away: .278 .409 4 16

      So, basically, you have Damon, Posada, and Teix with noticeable drop-offs. Swisher and Matsui were road demons. Everyone else was more or less balanced home vs. road.

      Yes, New YS helped the hitters, but the extreme is nowhere near as large as most make it seem.

  28. Damon is a rock star… this is what rock stars do. How many farewell tours have the Eagles had? I’m just saying…

  29. RedSox69 6 years ago

    LOL..Damon once turned his back four years ago,now the yanks have done the same to damon.It’s like what goes around comes around .For me I couldn’ be more happier to watch Damon take a big pay cut,loose face and play for the yanks.

  30. joeflct77 6 years ago

    I sure hope the Giants get him! With his experience and good O.B.P. That would put the frosting on the cake and seal the deal to win our division. I’m writting from New Smyrna Beach FL. where I now live. Johnny Damon owned a house in New Smryna Beach ,right on the beach. Please Johnny, sign with my beloved Giants!!!!!!!

  31. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    Put a 1yr/3 mil with incentives to reach 5 out there, Cashman. He can take it or leave it, because as of now, he’s not going to get any other offers elsewhere.

  32. JonDaBurk 6 years ago

    I’m still hoping he signs with Atlanta! Would give the Braves a legit leadoff guy, move MCClouth down for more RBI chances, gives Heyward time to get more AB’s in the minors and adds more versatility and options in the OF. Damon in left, McClouth in center and Melky in right with Diaz platooning off the bench. Damon is a great clubhouse guy and gets on base. If the price is right, sign him!

  33. People seem to forget that 7M is just not 7M for the Yanks, its 7M plus 40% tax. Also, the Yanks have a pretty good line-up right now, so you want the Yanks to pay 7M for what? 2 more wins? not worth it.

    At this time the problem for the Yanks with signing Damon would be that he would not play happy and you don’t want that after all the work that has taken to build this team’s chemistry.

  34. ChiefTomahawk 6 years ago

    Why don’t the Braves just sign him already? It makes too much sense!

  35. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    Anyone who thinks Damon won’t eventually get a 1/$5 mil deal is a moron. People are making way too much of his downside. The premium placed on defense IS a legitimate issue as far as finding a home but he is still a productive hitter. Take away the differential between his hm/rd hr splits and you still have .282/.365 14 hrs and 36 dbls. Just to put that into perspective, Abreu signed for 2/19 and Matsui signed for 1/7. Damon is comparable to those two and can play at least as good as either in the field.

  36. NYYANKEES 6 years ago

    Hey Cashman it is obviously way down, time to make that offer

  37. amon25 6 years ago

    Ok, don’t break up the Yankees! Instead of bitching on deaf ears to MLB, let’s do something else… California has 5 teams. 5 teams to support. New York used to support 3. So take a team that is screwing its fans, like Pittsburg, Florida or Kansas City and stick em in New York! New York can support another team. Proof? They easily support a $200B payroll and a $150 payroll, so apparently, that’s where the fans live (and support) baseball. Hell, you could put two more there! Maybe that’s the real answer to competitive balance in baseball.

  38. I like the idea of signing Damon to a 1 year $2M deal with incentives for the Yankees. Make the guy play for his money. Maybe he can earn $8-10M with the incentives if he plays well enough.

    • NYYANKEES 6 years ago

      Damon’s pride still say no that. 1 year $5 million is what I believe he will accept so mething simliar to Pettite’s deal last year

  39. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    Hey tim, I think you mean “shot down” not “should down.” or maybe you didn’t idk

  40. NL_East_Rivalry 6 years ago

    Does Cashman’s comments mean they don’t care whether his price goes down? That has got to be a bluff, unless 1. He’s done with Damon or 2. He wants to see what he can get for the most out of a little money before offering Damon a contract.

  41. MTM19 6 years ago

    Damon would be a good sign for the Yanks for around $5 mil because he will still be able to hit home runs playing in Yankee stadium plus there’s no guarantee Brett Gardner is going to have a good year at the plate although I like Gardner and am all for giving him a chance. Damon will DH some games anyway so Gardner will start then. But if Nick Johnson gets injured like always then Damon can DH permanently and Gardner will play left. This gives the Yanks more depth in case of Johnson getting hurt. Damon however would not be a good sign for the Braves because his power will not be good outside of Yankee stadium and he can’t DH in the national league. Adding those factors to his poor defense and it would not make sense for the Braves to sign him.

  42. nycalexs26 6 years ago

    Seattle need some offense why isnt damon in their site he can dh.They still have at least 10 mil left.

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      DH is blocked by Griffey and Milton with spot rests to ichiro

  43. MTM19 6 years ago

    Damon would be a good sign for the Yanks for around $5 mil. He will hit home runs in Yankee stadium and there’s no guarantee Gardner will have a good year at the plate although I like Gardner and would like to see him get a chance. Damon will DH some games giving Gardner games in left anyway. This gives the Yanks more depth because if Nick Johnson gets injured as always Damon can permanently DH and Gardner can play left. However, Damon would not be a good signing for the Braves because he wont have much power outside of Yankee stadium and he cant DH in the NL. Add those factors to his poor defense and it wouldnt make sense for the Braves to sign Damon.

  44. RiverKKiller999 6 years ago

    I smell another LaRoche Deal coming…I don’t really care what team Damon goes to.Braves don’t really need him with the stacked outfield they have already.I’m fine with the Braves giving young talent a shot to play every day…

    • csg 6 years ago

      having several OF’rs and being stacked in the OF are totally different. Braves have McLouth, and then two platoon guys next to him. They are banking on Heyward, a 20yr old with 150ABs above A ball, to be ready. Braves can definitely add another OF and let Diaz/Melky platoon in right. No point in rushing Heyward. When he’s ready you worry about moving someone at that time

  45. twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

    Good job catching that typo Tim. :)

  46. Rich_in_NJ 6 years ago

    If Damon wants to return to the Yankees, he has to call Cashman and say that he wants to play in NY; money doesn’t matter; what kind of contract can you give me?

  47. petefromPa 6 years ago

    As constructed now, do the Yankees make it to July 31 in playoff contention? If yes, then why bid against yourself to sign Damon. If they can make it until then with Gardner in left, Cashman can then trade for a rental. Makes absolutely no sense to bid against yourself.

  48. Please Braves, don’t sign him.

  49. if damon is considering retirement…then why not just sign a 4-5 million deal with the yanks for one year.
    i think his pride is tooo much in the way.

  50. themick167 6 years ago

    Maybe it’s just time to realize that teams have become smarter. They don’t need to hand out huge contracts in the post steroid era to guys in their mid 30’s. Look at that list of unsigned players – Gagne, Blalock, Schoeneweis should be estatic to get a couple mil per year to keep their career going.

  51. Deanezag 6 years ago

    “Damon doesn’t have a job because of who is his agent.”

    If he had any agent demanding 13m or dont even bother calling he wont have a job. It’s not the agent, it’s the agent’s ridiculous demands.

    By the way: Blalock, Crede, Ankiel, Anderson, Gagnge, Schoenweis and Villone are unsigned because they suck. Nady is coming off his 2nd TJS, and Washburn played with a great defense in Seattle and sucked/hurt in Detriot.

  52. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    Because it’s been quite awhile since he has played full-time, and you don’t stick a player who has been injured and has missed so many at-bats at the number 4 spot right away. Sure, he can be a number 4 hitter, but he’s going to need time to get readjusted to hitting on a regular basis again.

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