Orioles Rumors: Delgado, Tejada, Uggla

The Orioles have added Garrett Atkins, but they're still interested in various corner infielders. Which ones? Roch Kubatko of MASN.com has the details:

  • The O's will scout Carlos Delgado in Puerto Rico next week; they would consider him as a first baseman.
  • They also have interest in first basemen Hank Blalock, Adam LaRoche, Russell Branyan and Chad Tracy, but don't want to offer multi-year deals to any of them. LaRoche is probably the only one of those players with much of a chance at a multi-year contract.
  • Miguel Tejada remains a long shot for the Orioles. Unlike Dan Uggla, Tejada's open to playing third, so he's ahead of Uggla on Baltimore's wish list.

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  1. I don’t think I would touch Branyan or Tracy. I’ve always liked Blalock but the poor guy has just been killed with injuries and never really lived up to his potential. I would say LaRoche is the safest play but he is also a well catalogued slow starter/late surger. Something to consider but since the O’s are probably not gonna be a serious playoff contender next season, it’s not a bad play.

    • That’s not meant to be a bash on the O’s just a reality of playing in such a tough division with the Yanks Sox and Rays.

    • basemonkey 6 years ago

      The Os are interested in finding a solid glove and bat guy to be a mentoring influence to the young guys, not be a defensive liability to support the growth of a young rotation, and hold the position until Bell and Snyder are ready. A plus would be if the player could provide some protection to the better younger hitters who get pitched around a la Markakis and Jones et al.

  2. not_brooks 6 years ago

    If Delgado is even remotely capable of putting up a .275/.350/.520 line, I’d take him in Baltimore in a heartbeat.

    I’d love to see Delgado at DH and LaRoche at first, but this is the Orioles we’re talking about, so it’ll probably be Luke Scott at DH and Tracy at first.

  3. not_brooks 6 years ago

    Also, it’s hard to believe that Hank Blalock is only 29 years old. His .287/.352/.510, 30 hr, 100 rbi average in his first two full seasons seems like it happened ten thousand years ago.

  4. EvilEmpireMember 6 years ago

    Delgado if healthy would be a fine addition by the O’s.

  5. basemonkey 6 years ago

    Who in the world keeps bringing up Tejada? It’s certainly not anyone from Baltimore. From all reports Tejada really burned those bridges. No way he’s brought back.

  6. basemonkey 6 years ago

    Delgado would be the best fit. He is right at the age where he has to start being open to a move to DH eventually to extend the career. Also, he has previous experience in the AL EAST (even though that was eons ago).

    • not_brooks 6 years ago

      It really does seem like it was eons ago, but Delgado was still playing for Toronto as recently as 2004 – only six years ago, and most certainly a time when the Yanks and Sox were at their peak.

      Quick stat check:

      @ Fenway: .786 OPS
      @ Yankee Stadium: .857 OPS
      vs. Sox: .808 OPS
      vs. Yanks: .911 OPS

      • basemonkey 6 years ago

        Hmm. Interesting. You’re right.

        I guess I mainly just meant it in terms of the pitchers he’d be facing are completely different now, so any prior experience matters little. No more Mussina, Rocket, Lowe, Pedro, Suppan.

        Seems like there’s a ton more younger top rotation types and bonafide Aces now.

  7. BradyAndersonsSideburns 6 years ago

    Please not Chad Tracy, he’s not really an upgrade over Michael Aubrey

  8. dirtybird80 6 years ago

    Uggle is just a hacker. With the good pitching in the AL east he will have 150+ Ks

  9. johnyboiy 6 years ago

    tracy is a verry good hitter when given the chance to play everyday.

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