Phillies Claim Brian Bocock Off Waivers

The Phillies have claimed infielder Brian Bocock off waivers from the Blue Jays, tweets's Todd Zolecki. Toronto just claimed Bocock off waivers from the Giants earlier this month. 

Bocock, 25 in March, spent most of '09 in High A ball, where he hit .241/.303/.339.  The speedy shortstop is hailed for his defense, according to Baseball America's '08 Handbook.

Note: an earlier version of this post contained incorrect information about the Phillies having higher priority than the Blue Jays for NL players.  Only trade waivers are league-specific.

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  1. arock1234 6 years ago

    Why would the jays put him back on waivers after they just claimed him?

  2. Muggi 6 years ago

    Very strange, for both teams.

  3. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    BJ’s without Bocock? I can’t imagine that.

  4. Hopefully the Jays replace him with someone better!

  5. sfgiantsforeternity 6 years ago


  6. I think it’s quite obvious that this is just another piece of the Halladay trade…

    • Nice job Nick. Makes complete sense to me 😛 I forgot waiver claims are guaranteed when the Jays inform MLB that Bockock is only available to Philly. LOL

  7. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    i see Bocock had 69 RBI in 420 big league at bats. interesting.

  8. 55saveslives 6 years ago


    Phillies listen…if the Giants cut someone, they really suck!! Stay away from them. You’d think after Tasch and Fat N’ Sweaty they’d realize that!

    • Guest 6 years ago

      LOL yikes.. who is FatNSweaty?

      • timmah_55 6 years ago

        Tyler Walker… he sweats a waterfall before even throwing a pitch. Even in the cool low humidity weather of San Francisco.

      • 55saveslives 6 years ago

        Tyler Walker…Huge guy who gets two throws in the pen and looks as if he just jumped in the bay.

    • Lincecum_Says_GSP 6 years ago

      what about Feliz… he wasn’t too bad for them. It’s very strange to me that a lot former Giants end up making their way to Philly. Next you’ll see Guzman swallowed up by them.

  9. tntnhhs 6 years ago

    The Bocock Saints…

  10. bjbirdie. 6 years ago

    The Jays have been practicing the waiver claim dance for a couple of years now. It is a way to infuse older fringe talent at a very modest claim fee. Instead of keeping them on the 40, the DFA them shortly afterwards with the potential fortune of being able to keep them in their system if the player isn`t claimed. Cody Haerther (lost back to the Cards) and Kelvin Jimenez (lost to CWS) are two that come to mind. AA loves to dig deep for any kind of talent – he`s a scout at heart.

  11. septembercallup 6 years ago

    I saw Bocock play — badly — at Single-A San Jose last year. There was a reason he was there. Worst defense I’ve ever seen, even in the minors. And he wasn’t even hitting the Mendoza line at that point. In A ball.

  12. why? that sums up everything in my mind……..what do they need him for is he even anygood……….well i guess not after being waived like four times in the same month

  13. 1. League no longer matters for waiver claims.
    2. As bjbirdie mentioned above, the Blue Jays (among other teams) like to claim, then DFA guys they think will slip through in order to meet organizational needs. Not a bad strategy here, as Bocock won’t be minor league FA eligible for years and is unlikely to help a big league team anytime soon, but is useful as a plus defender to back your developing minor league pitchers.

  14. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    to quote myself, 1 hour ago: “yeah, that’s a ‘bocock’ joke.” you’ll find that the numbers “69” and “420” are pretty archetypal internet joke-memes.

  15. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    you’re right, the internet is probably best suited as a forum for dry conversation about completely insignificant minor league transactions. my bad.

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