Blue Jays Claim Brian Bocock

The Blue Jays claimed shortstop Brian Bocock off waivers, according to a tweet from Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News. The 24-year-old appeared in 32 games for the 2008 Giants, but hasn't appeared in the majors since.

He doesn't have much of a bat, as his .228/.301/.311 minor league line suggests. The sample size is limited (227 innings), but UZR/150 suggests Bocock played above-average defense during his 2008 cameo in the big leagues.

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  1. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    cup, theirs

  2. sillz 5 years ago

    @Rosterbator they’ve got chris woodward

  3. Low cost flier on a former prospect in a position we’re short depth-wise. No real loss if he flames out so makes sense and continues the picking up of bust draft picks this offseason. If one of them turns it around it’ll be a good result. Add that to Lubanski being grabbed this morning and Broadway earlier this offseason and we’re seeing a pattern.

  4. Bocock is smooth with the glove, but his bat is awful. Good for late innings def. replacement or pinch runner.

  5. safari_punch 5 years ago


    I thought John McDonald files that role for 3 plus million?

  6. safari_punch 5 years ago

    @hateful J

    The Jays already have that player in John McDonald for a mere 3 and a half mil.

  7. And a cheer rises up from McCovey Chronicles.

    I would say that it would have been nice if we could have traded him, but I sadly don’t think he has any trade value right now. With any luck, the change of scenery will turn him into some weird Yankee killer at SS. Like Bizarro Derek Jeter. A boy can dream.

  8. marklar49 5 years ago

    The .228 BA would be palatable for a slick fielding SS, but that .301 OBP would make me want to pass.

    • 55saveslives 5 years ago

      Hit problem was the Giants out of necessity bumped him from A ball to the show. He was totally overwhelmed at the plate. But his D is very good.

  9. snoogins 5 years ago

    as a giants fan…i think Bocock wont be a letdown. He didnt have much of a bat true, but thats probably because he wasnt given much of a chance in a team that didnt have a set position for really anyone. he has a good glove, good runner, and can only improve on his batting with time and training.

  10. S8P7W 5 years ago

    What is that sound a chicken makes when it is startled?

  11. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

    The Giants destroyed Bocock’s development when the brought him up from A-ball to fill in for the injured Omar Vizquel.

    So when the Giants make their next move, which is probably going to be a free agent signing, who gets bumped from the currently full 40-man roster?

    Could be Alex Hinshaw. But he’s one of only six left handed pitchers the Giants have. Merkin Valdez, even with his 96-98 mph heater, is good candidate to get cut. They’d be stupid to release Fred Lewis, Kevin Frandsen, Jesus Guzman or any more position players since offense is what they need.

    • JAT25 5 years ago

      Releasing Kevin Frandsen would not be stupid. He has very little trade value, a poor attitude, and about 5 players/prospects ahead of him.

      He has been given enough chances. The guy is worthless.

  12. AkronHammer 5 years ago

    Ummm……why is he even in the minor leagues…low battiing average

  13. AkronHammer 5 years ago

    Ummm……why is he even in the minor leagues…low battiing average

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