Pujols Talks About Extension

Media members quizzed Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols about his contract situation today at the team's Winter Warm-Up festivities, as covered by Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and B.J. Rains of the Globe-Democrat.  Pujols does not want to discuss an extension during the season, though he did say he'd be willing to take a discount if it'd make the team better.

Though Pujols hopes to avoid free agency, he'd be fine with it if necessary.  The slugger's comments indicated a lack of urgency, which makes sense since he is under team control through 2011.

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  1. Sorry Mets and Red Sox fans, he’s not leaving. He OWNS the city of St. Louis.

  2. timmytwoshoezzz 6 years ago

    Wow, are dudes in Cardinal country flipping out about this Pujols thing or what? Guy’s locked up for two years, enjoy watching the best player in baseball! Don’t send yourself to an early grave worrying about 2012, thw world may well end then anyway!!!

  3. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    this sort of confirmed the obvious that most people already knew.

  4. protech76 6 years ago

    CARDINALS WILL RESIGN HIM!!! No doubt. The FO doesn’t want a riot on their hands. Give him stock in ownership of team in his new contract, the keys to the city, or whatever else it takes. SORRY NEW YORK and BOSTON. The greatest of all-time stays in ST. Louis. There will be a statue next to Stan “The Man” of him one day. The machine can not be stopped. There is a better chance of the Choking Cubs winning a world series before the thought of a possibility Pujols ever leaves St. Louis.

  5. vivagermany 6 years ago

    Pujols should start his own team and steal the souls of the St. Louis Cardinals players.

  6. No reason to turn this into a steroid discussion, please take that elsewhere. Thanks.

  7. LinkinParkFTW 6 years ago

    Pujols’ manager would not be doing his job if he allowed Albert to sign an extension. He is one of, if not, THE BEST player to every play baseball. He has earned the right to at least hear what other teams have to offer him. I think he will end up as a Cardinal, but he will not sign an extension. I think he’s going to become a free agent, get lucrative offers from the Red Sox, Mets, and Caridnals, and some smaller offers from other teams, and he will most likely sign with St Louis. But he has earned the right to see what other teams are willing to give him.

    • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

      The credibility of anyone who still remembers Linkin Park should be seriously questioned.

    • protech76 6 years ago

      Point taken…..BUT….YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FRIGGIN MIND.lol

    • NL_East_Rivalry 6 years ago

      There is believed to be a point in time when the difference between making 30 mil and 25 mil a year ( to stay on the team you want to play for ) doesn’t really matter.

    • look pujols is amazing, we all know that. let’s not go overboard. he’s in the conversation, but he’s not the greatest baseball player of all time. I’ll take Babe Ruth and Willie Mays over Pujols any day.

      He’s a top 10 all time player though. Look forward to seeing what his final numbers look like.

      Personally, I think he’s probably a good 2-3 years older than everyone thinks he is.

  8. If he signs a 10 year deal you’re not talking about 5mil/year…you’re talking about 50 million dollars. I love it when marquee players resign with the home team and, although I’m not a Cards fan, I’d like to see him sign in St. Louis…HOWEVER, Cards fans are crazy to think they’re gonna get the guy for anything less than 25mil/year for 8-10 years and that’s after seeing what the LAs, Bostons, and New Yorks of the world have to say first. If anyone thinks he’s NOT going to see a 300 million dollar contract offer, you’re crazy…i’ll leave you to speculate what you are if you think he’ll leave 50-100mil on the table.

    • protech76 6 years ago

      Possibilities are unlimited regarding How Much, How Long, Bonuses, and all the Extras slapped in a thick paper agreement. But, I guess not everyone has had the pleasure of seeing the kind of man Albert is. EVERYONE knows the player and teammate he is. But the humanitarian is not the “TYPICAL PRO ATHLETE”, of modern day. You are not talking about your typical Yankee, Red Sox, or met sell-out. It is something about this team, that star studded players have sacrificed things for the better of the team. If he says he will take the discount, then I believe him. If he gets offered the most lucrative contract ever, then so be it. Cardinal players share a very unusual nucleus that is a rarity in baseball. I believe this because like most cards fans, I was born into this tradition that continues to grow and draw talent to the organization. It is my opinion, but I think the nay sayers who dont understand how albert operates, could very well be fooled. As could I be!

      • blah, blah, blah. money talks. i’ll think all of that of him if he turns down an extra 50 million dollars to stay with the cardinals.

        • Atticus_Finch 6 years ago

          Money is ruining this once great sport, for real. I find myself more and more attracted to the NHL everyday. They have a team max and minimum salary cap, as well as a individual player salary cap. Baseball is a great sport. The MLB, however, is a joke.

  9. CardinalsOwn 6 years ago

    He’s staying, No Doubt.

  10. If the Cardinals were smart they would sign him for 25 mil annually for 5 years.
    He will not be the same player in his 35+ years so they really should keep his contract as short as possible and avoid an A-rod style 8+ year deal.

  11. The Prince is going to be living like a King wherever and whenever he signs, every reason in the world for him to be relaxed about it. Going to be such a mind-numbing amount of coverage next offseason it will make us long for the days of “Peavy to Cubs?” though.

  12. highlanddave 6 years ago

    I’m not a Colorado fan, but could you guys imagine what kind of numbers Pujols would put up there? 60 HR, .412 BA? I would like to see what he could do. Secretly though I believe he wants to play for Tampa Bay, hee hee.

  13. protech76 6 years ago


    “This is in no way taking the place of the almighty Jesus Christ, or the lord’s prayer. He is forever the king of kings and I am a dedicated Christian man. Please do not take offense.”

    Just a cardinals fans plea. lol

  14. Guest 6 years ago

    There is no way St.Louis could let him go. They could trade him for 5 top prospects and they all will never equal him. If he becomes a FA, he’ll be signed by NYY NYM or BOS which means [not so 100% with the Mets] it will NOT be a Top 15 draft pick. Pujols has carried the Cardinals, they have to resign him.

    • LTDm206 6 years ago

      The Evil Empire can’t sign him. He and Texiera are both too good defensively to DH.

    • Top 15 Draft picks are protected anyways, it will never for any team be a Top 15 pick in compensation.

  15. dodgers_suck 6 years ago

    are they getting a mail in rebate with it too? thats cheap for this guy. he’s the mick of our era and could possible own majority of the hitting records while hes done.

  16. Pujols once again showing why he is the awesomest player in baseball, if not always the best (though sometimes the best too). How can you dislike a guy saying “Oh, I’d be okay with being a FA but I’d rather just extend, maybe at a discount if they show they’ll put the money into the team.”

    If I’m a scout, I’m going to try to find guys who not only hit like Pujols but think like him too. Talk about added value.

  17. To my knowledge he was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.

  18. dlramrz 6 years ago

    he was bvorn in dominican, but raised in kansas city area. also attended junior college in kansas city, still lives there and his foundation for autism is based there.

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