Rangers Considering DH Targets

MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan has the latest on the Rangers' pursuit of a free agent designated hitter.  He suggests the Rangers are very interested in Vladimir Guerrero and Jermaine Dye, and consider Xavier Nady an intriguing name.  Gary Sheffield and Jim Thome are also in the mix.

There are issues with Vlad and Dye.  With Vlad, it's a matter of agreeing on the financials.  Maybe Guerrero expects big money, but I imagine reality will set in a month from now.  DH jobs are few and far between.  Dye, on the other hand, isn't quite ready to stop playing defense.

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  1. arock1234 6 years ago

    I predict the rangers will sign vlad to a 1 year deal within the next two weeks

    • Aranathor 6 years ago

      Out of that bunch i would take Vlad or Thome as full time DH’s. Sheffield is past it by my reckoning and if Tim is right about Dye wanting to play OF some more, well the Rangers has a logjam there as it is, also Dye is probably one of the worst defenders still playing.

    • S8P7W 6 years ago

      Agreed. Vlad can DH most of the time, maybe play a little LF to keep Hamilton’s bat in the lineup at DH. Or is the “Vlad in the field” idea totally ‘out the window’?

      • bjsguess 6 years ago

        Vlad has always wanted to play in the OF. Last year he didn’t simply because of his injuries. Hopefully reality has set in and he understands that becoming a DH is in his, and the team’s, best interest.

  2. The Rangers are right. Absolutely Xavier Nady is an intrigueing name. You don’t meet many people named Xavier.

  3. zublay 6 years ago

    Insert joke about how Dye stopped playing defense years ago.

  4. penpaper 6 years ago

    Vlad makes too much sense.

  5. Somehow I still find Xavier more intrigueing but it was the 71st most popular name given to a boy in the US last year according to Social Security. Vladimir didn’t even make the top 1,000 in the last 10 years. Although worldwide, I bet Vladimir is more popular than Xavier as it is probably a fairly common name in Russia. Maybe that can add to its intrigue. I guess either name is pretty intrigueing after all.

  6. I think the Rangers and White Sox are pursuing the same players. Shouldn’t Delgado be on the list as well? Probably most guys would choose Texas over the Sox — hitter’s paradise.

  7. If I were a Rangers fan I would immediately dump any consideration for Gary Sheffield and Xavier Nady as DH candidates. I would rank the remaining players this way in terms of an impact BAT:

    1) Vladimir Guerrero (a little worried about his 2009 decline from 2008 but still a good stick that can be very productive when healthy)
    2) Jermaine Dye (very worried about his total loss of production in the 2nd half last year but can carry a team when locked in)
    3) Jim Thome (won’t hit for average, still can hit the long one and has a solid OBP. His overwhelming K numbers will drive you nuts!)

    All three will have an uphill climb in terms of signing which is why they are still there. As soon as we get closer to spring training, these 3 will be gobbled up for probably less than they had hoped.

    • bjsguess 6 years ago

      It’s not just last year that was a decline. From 2004 – 2007 the guy averaged an OPS of 958 with a high on 989 and a low of 934 – amazingly consistent.2008 his OPS dropped to 886 (75 point drop from 2007)2009 his OPS dropped to 794 (92 point drop from 2008)Between injuries and eroding skills, Vlad is in a tough spot. He’s such a great guy and was absolutely awesome for the Angels. Unfortunately, I think his time is passed. If you are lucky you might get an OPS in the low to mid 800’s. More likely – he does a repeat performance of 2009 with some slight regression. Being a DH, that makes him virtually worthless.That darn concrete in Montreal has shortened his career by a good 5 years.

      • For a non-contender he could do just fine. No pressure for a guy who swings at everything and remarkably does not lead the league in strikeouts. All 3 guys are no guarantees that come at a veteren high price tag.

        • MadmanTX 6 years ago

          Then by that reasoning, the Rangers couldn’t use Vlad because in their division they are very much a contender at this point.

  8. tjspring 6 years ago

    Vladdy would be scary in the Rangers lineup, not sure what to think about Sheffield, and with Nady, I’d expect if they wanted his ceiling, they’d have stuck with Andruw Jones on a cheap deal and have much less injury risk.

  9. Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

    Man Vlad and Hamilton batting back to back would be fierce in that hitters park. I’m just not sure how the Rangers pitching will hold up. I’m looking forward to getting the season started.

  10. Vlad brings something the others DH hitters don’t, fear when he is hitting.

    • Eh I’m not too sure about that. Big name, storied history but the fear factor is gone.

  11. Benji A is exactly right. While Texas lineup has plenty of up and coming players, they need an anchor in the middle who pitchers fear. Vlad is the perfect fit. He is right handed, tons of pop, can bat 4th and protect Hamilton, and his presence alone is enough to make it a great signing.

  12. jamma422 6 years ago

    Vlad has always crushed the ball at the Ballpark in Arlington, I wouldn’t mind having that production for us instead of against us. Also, an order of:
    1. Borbon
    2. Kinsler
    3. Young
    4. Hamilton
    5. Vlad
    6. Cruz
    7. Davis
    8. Salty/Teagarden/Insert FA Name
    9. Andrus
    Rivals almost any other lineup out there, add one more standout arm to the rotation or Feliz/Holland set up in the rotation this season, it could be a very fun summer.

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