Reds Have Interest In Cabrera, Amezaga

The Reds have some interest in free agents Orlando Cabrera and Alfredo Amezaga, reports John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer. The problem is that the team doesn't have much wiggle room financially.

“We’ve kicked it around a little bit,” (GM Walt) Jocketty said (of Cabrera). “We’re not sure it’s the right fit for us. And I don’t know if financially we’re in position to do it.”

“We’ve looked it a little bit,” Jocketty said (of Amezaga). “But he’s been hurt a lot. We have not talked to his agent at this point.”

The Nationals also expressed some interest in Cabrera, but we haven't heard about much interest in Amezaga. Jocketty also added that they have not talked to either Jermaine Dye or Gary Sheffield

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  1. would be a nice signing for the reds coming off of getting chapman to go after someone like orlando cabrera who would be a nice addition for there lineup janish is best a utility guy or a platoon

  2. dicbrain 5 years ago

    Cabrera would be a waste. He can’t play shortstop anymore and Paul Janish is well on his way to being a gold glove shortstop. Spend our money on left handed pitching.

    • emanredsfan 5 years ago

      What money?!?!

      • Must have forgotten that Janish hit like .230 last year. I like Janish and he will be a decent player but he is best fit as a defensive sub for now. Would you take .230 out of your SS in the 2 hole or .284? Baker is liable to keep putting him there and I much rather have Cabrera’s offensive #’s than Janish and give up some defense. We have 2 GG in the infield already we can sacrifice a bit to gain offense.

        Plus Cabrera put those numbers up in the AL, it is very rare for a player to come to the NL and do worse than he did in the AL.

        • emanredsfan 5 years ago

          I would love to have Cabrera but we don’t have the money to spend. I was not saying that we shouldn’t sign him you did”Cabrera would be a waste”, you said we should sign a left handed pitcher, for witch we have no money!

          • emanredsfan 5 years ago

            just to elaborate, I don’t think that we should sign anyone, I think that we should move B-Phill to short, which is his natural position, and bring up Todd Frazier to play sacond base.

          • Not a bad suggestion but with Dusty it’ll never happen with Phillips. I wanted the same thing back at the end of the season just to try it out since the end didn’t mean anything but they made it very clear Brandon was the 2B and staying put. I like what I hear about Frazier being able to play SS(his college position) on some days. He was moved because he was not the SS ‘body-type’. Being that I played SS and I was 6’2 200 lbs i really dont understand why bigger guys can’t play SS. It’s about footwork and initial quickness to go along with the glove work. If you have those you can play the position. I really hope the surprise of the year is Frazier plays a decent SS and hits well to claim his spot on the team everyday.

  3. sneaky45424 5 years ago

    how about signing Hudson to play second then move phillips to SS and have janish back them up

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