Multi-Year Deals So Far This Offseason

Here's a look at the multi-year deals teams handed out during the 2009 portion of the offseason. We're only including guaranteed multi-year deals for free agents. That means we're not counting one-year deals with club options (e.g. Juan Uribe), multi-year deals covering arbitration years (e.g. Chris Iannetta) or international free agents (e.g. Noel Arguelles). Here's the list of multi-year contracts so far:

So half of the teams in baseball have signed players to multi-year deals so far (for a total of 26 moves), but the Red Sox, Mets, Mariners, Brewers and Braves are the only teams to guarantee $20MM or more to a free agent so far this offseason. There's still lots of time, but the Yankees are noticeably absent from this list.

Lots of unsigned players are in position to command multi-year deals. Matt Holliday leads a group of free agents that also includes Adam LaRoche, Miguel Tejada, Adrian Beltre, Johnny Damon, Miguel Olivo, Bengie Molina, Rod Barajas, Yorvit Torrealba, Joel Pineiro, Jon Garland, Vicente Padilla and Jose Valverde.

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