Two Teams Left In Edmonds Sweepstakes

There are only two teams left competing for the services of Jim Edmonds reports Rob Rains of The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and the Cardinals are not one of them. It's unknown what kind of salary either team is offering, or if they're even guaranteeing him a roster spot, but Rains says the Cards likely would have offered him just the league minimum.

The 39-year-old Edmonds first made waves about a possible comeback last week, and he was reportedly contacted by multiple clubs soon thereafter. The Yankees are said to be looking for an outfielder, however GM Brian Cashman said that they aren't interested in Edmonds at all.

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  1. Rootdown 6 years ago

    Remember the good old days when he used to crush that high fastball? His swing was a thing of beauty.

    • KeithLawSucksInStl 6 years ago

      Yeah, it still looked good when he struck out too, which it seemed like he did more and more… If the cards are passing and Nady is gone, who are they going to go after then? Dye is probably way too expensive for a 4th outfield spot… Maybe someone like Felipe Lopez?

  2. JonDaBurk 6 years ago

    I wonder who the 2 teams are??? If his price is low enough I think he would be a nice spot filler in Atlanta. He could play all OF positions and spell Cabrera, Diaz and McClouth which would also give Heyward more time in the Minors to get more AB’s. Then we can bring him up mid-season or so. If Edmonds price is low enough, it would be worth a shot. He could help out the club without a large monetary investment!

  3. David 6 years ago

    It has to be the Royals, right? I mean, they could really use a left handed hitting outfielder.

    • pcain1027 6 years ago

      DDJ bats left handed, and besides it cant be the royals Edmonds isnt a former Brave LOL

      • JUDGE HORSE 6 years ago


      • Ferrariman 6 years ago

        good job mr.dense-headed

        “DDJ bats left handed”

        i actually LOL’d that you didnt get the joke.

        • pcain1027 6 years ago

          and now im laughing at you because you think i am serious

    • baseballnut9009 6 years ago

      they signed ankiel for that.

  4. JD 6 years ago

    Sadly enough I actually hope the Mets are one of these two teams.Because a 39 year old Jim Edmonds is still an upgrade over Gary Matthews Jr.

  5. Redbirds16 6 years ago

    I’m amazed he’s getting contract offers after a year off. Makes you wonder what in the world happened last year that no team really wanted to have him on the roster. What happened in the last year that took him from a guy no one wanted all last year to a guy a few teams are interested in.

    • cubbyfan23 6 years ago

      From what Edmonds has said, he had offers last year to play, but none of them were high enough $ for him to accept. He said he regretted not taking one, and that he wished he would have just so he could have played in ’09.

      I don’t think it was as much of a case of no one wanting him for a roster spot. He had a great offensive season in Chicago, I’m sure someone out there was willing to at least throw him an invite.

      • valpohistory 6 years ago

        That is actually exactly what I was going to say. If they throw him a low-ball offer with an invite to ST, I think he’d bite. If he doesn’t have what it takes anymore, boot him, and if he still has the ability to play center decent and the corners well, he’d fit right in with three other outfielders we have!!! I’d be interested to see him hit now. He could still hit the shit out of the ball, just struck out a lot more as the year went…..

        • Redbirds16 6 years ago

          The Cards were willing to offer him low salary and invite to ST. But apparently there are 2 teams that are offering him a bit more (perhaps $1 million guaranteed?) and a solid shot at starting. If Edmonds were to take a bench player’s salary and role on any team, I’d think he’d choose the birds. The little spat he had with LaRussa is over and was totally blown out of proportion by the media.

          Who knows though. It was reported earlier in the offseason that Chris Duncan had multiple suitors with ML contracts in hand and it turns out all he got was a minor league deal plus an invite from the Nats… Edmonds’ camp could be trying to ‘play Boras’ (inventing multiple suitors to raise contract salary). I don’t think many teams will bite though. Especially contending teams.

  6. TommyBrookensIsMyTiger 6 years ago

    If he can play AT ALL, he’d be perfect in Detroit – a defensive replacement in CF and a LH bat off the bench? EXACTLY what the Tigs need.

  7. TommyBrookensIsMyTiger 6 years ago

    IF he can still play.

  8. ryansiciliano 6 years ago

    Please, not the Yankees. Please.

  9. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    like i’ve said before: edmonds’s main skill, at this point in his career, is “remembering the good times.” i really don’t see how that works for anyone but the cardinals (who, incidentally, need a cheap left-handed fourth outfielder).who else would take a roster spot, or even spring training at bats, away from a prospect with even the slightest glimmer of potential?

    • ejr 6 years ago

      edmonds’s main skill, at this point in his career, is “remembering the good times.”

      that made me laugh.

      Edmond’s once yelled “you’re mama!” to my drunk friend who called him fat. It was a day game at the Vet. That WAS a good time….

  10. Guest 6 years ago

    I bet one of the teams is the Cubs. GM loves him and they are still looking for that 4th outfielder. First Chan Ho Park, now Edmonds. Hell, lets go sign John Smoltz and Julio Franco and open up a retirement home on the bench!

    • cubbyfan23 6 years ago

      Hell, I’ll let my 85 year old grandpa have a roster spot if he can OPS over .800.

  11. stephenroeper 6 years ago


    • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

      things you do make: heavy use of the caps-lock key
      things you don’t make: sense

  12. gunger69 6 years ago

    it’s probably the dodgers that is one of the teams. they need bench guys.

  13. gwells 6 years ago

    sweepstakes? is he the consolation prize, i hope? if not, what a crappy sweepstakes!

  14. goldenglove002 6 years ago

    I find it funny that there is “sweepstakes” for Edmonds considering some of the other guys still out there. Hope it’s the Yankees to eliminate a Damon suitor

  15. dickboston 6 years ago

    Angels maybe?

    • ejr 6 years ago

      interesting thought. they are reportedly “at their limit” so it would have to be cheap.

      • dickboston 6 years ago

        He was willing to go to the cards for a bench role at the league minimum.. don’t see why he wouldn’t want to return to his other former club for cheap.

  16. markjsunz 6 years ago

    Does Edmonds have enough to make a major league roster?

  17. bwater 6 years ago

    Gunger69 is right the Dodgers will sign him and he will be back in the same area he started his career. He can mentor the YOUNG and GREAT Matt Kemp, while being a left handed bat. I love the Dodgers and would rather see the money that could be spent on him, be spent on pitchers…never have enough

  18. Jrizzle 6 years ago

    went to a wedding with Jim last year…he took up and fell in love with the game of golf last year..for one thing…the other had to be no big money offers…i suggest Jim give it one more year and then back to the links and the family.

  19. Redbirds16 6 years ago

    Pride is costly. At a certain point in a ballplayer’s career, it’s no longer about the money in itself. It’s just a number that indicates value. Players value their abilities and production at a certain level. If a club is not willing to meet that level a player either sits out like Jimmy Ballgame or swallows their pride and takes a paycut.

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