Yomiuri Giants To Acquire Edgar Gonzalez

The Yomiuri Giants are set to acquire second baseman Edgar Gonzalez, reports Kyodo News.  Adrian's older brother hit .216/.278/.373 in 169 plate appearances this year for the Padres, missing time with a concussion and a shoulder injury.  Gonzalez was planning to elect free agency after the Padres outrighted him in November.

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  1. arock1234 5 years ago

    does he have a say in going to japan?

  2. tjspring 5 years ago

    Yes, he can say no and be unemployed, or underemployed.

  3. PenosCabell 5 years ago

    He stinks. This is the right move for him.

  4. Rootdown 5 years ago

    Did you guys every see Mr. Baseball? Great movie.

  5. He signed at least a couple of weeks ago if not more, he said it in a interview in Mazatlán where he is playing for the Mazatlán Deers of the winter Mexican Pacific League (the actual champions).

    He sounded disapointed that the Padres opted not to keep him, and by the way Adrián didn’t play this year winter ball because the Padres didn’t want him to be hurt as it would diminish his value IF they want to trade him (his agent didn’t tell Adrián he was on the trading block and that the BoSox were pursuing him, he learnt it thanks to… well, i’m gonna say “somebody” :p).

    Right now they’re in the playoffs just about to go to the semifinals (they are up 3-1 in their series).

  6. Jose Luis Hernandez 5 years ago

    Adrian should have used the Rueschel clause. Remember when Rick and Paul Rueschel pitched for the Cubs in the ’70’s. I think there was a gentleman’s agreement between Rick and the Cubs that Paul was gonna be on the team…if they wanted their ace to be happy.

    It was not wrote on paper, but it was an agreement between Adrian and KT..
    IMO Edgar was a good bat, enought to have him on an everyday basis, the problem is his glove….he deserves a MLB job as a regular…

  7. Tonyfantano 5 years ago

    Edgar is all heart. He is a grinder and always gives his all, his little bro should pay attention.
    word from a padres fan

  8. tjspring 5 years ago

    How about Ken and Craig Griffey, or Jay and Shawn Buhner?

  9. tjspring 5 years ago

    My mistake- I just looked them up on B-R, and neither of them got past AAA. For some reason, probably due to the Mariner’s desperate attempts to capitalize on the whole feel-good Griffey Sr./Jr. thing. For such non-prospects, they sure did hype Craig Griffey, and to a lesser degree Shawn Buhner.

    I thought for sure they broke camp at least once, or came up in September.

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