D’Backs Exploring Multi-Year Deals With Upton, Reynolds

We heard two weeks ago that Arizona was talking with slugger Mark Reynolds about a long-term contract, but today, MLB.com's Steve Gilbert reported that the Snakes were also looking at signing Justin Upton to a multi-year pact.

Upton, the first overall pick in the 2005 entry draft, hit .300./.366/.532 in 588 plate appearances in 2009.  His .899 OPS was the highest of any Diamondbacks regular, edging out Reynolds' .892 mark.  As Gilbert points out, a long-term contract for Upton would be more expensive than a similar deal for Reynolds, given Upton's success at a young age and overall high profile as a prospect coming through Arizona's system.  That said, if Upton continues to improve as he has through his first three years in the bigs, the D'Backs could be saving themselves some serious cash (and arbitration hearing headaches) by getting Upton signed now.

Both Reynolds and Upton aren't eligible for arbitration until after this season and aren't eligible for free agency until after the 2013 campaign.  But, signing one or both of the young stars to long-term deals would alleviate any fan disappointment that might arise if Brandon Webb leaves as a free agent or is dealt at mid-season. 

Gilbert notes that managing general partner Ken Kendrick doesn't want any negotiations to interfere with the regular season, so if the Snakes are going to lock their young duo up, it will have to happen before the end of spring training.

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  1. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    I really hope that we do not lose Webb yet after 2010, but it is more important to lock these guys up longterm. I look forward to what 2010 brings to see what we should do financially.

    • Always important to lock up the young guys who show promise. As for Webb I know a lot of people around Cincinnati would like to see a portion of the money saved from Arroyo and Harang’s contracts coming off the books (~23mil) go into signing and ace type pitcher like Webb. If he has a good year the D-backs better lock him up sooner rather than later if they want to keep him

  2. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    A lot of people keep implying that Webb will be going to Cincinnati. I know he’s from around the area but has he ever made any kind of statement like “I’d love to pitch for the Reds?”

    • Glove Affair 5 years ago

      Probably not. I suspect they’re making a leap of logic since the guy’s from Kentucky. It’s just that the logic’s not especially “logical.”

      • I do remember reading some things about him saying how much he would like to pitch close to home and Cincy is the closest team to his home but in the same thing it said he would still love to return to Arizona.

        My guess is if the money is comparable he stays where he is but if the Reds offer a little more then he would take it.

  3. jdub220 5 years ago

    Give J-Up a lifetime contract, JB. After 2010, that is.

  4. yankeepride3 5 years ago

    If Upton doesn’t sign a long-term deal and keeps improving like he has, he is going to make SO much money in free agency.

    • Future Yankee in the making or Red Sox

      …compliment to his skill set and production

      • Don’t you hate it that the major leage is the farm system of the Yankees and Red Sox? haha. It will do baseball a big favor if these great prospects can just stay in the team they strated off with. But that is just a pathetic statement that takes the excitement away from the offseason.

        • They need to take a page out of the NFL book and have a salary cap along with a salary minimum payroll. That will even baseball out and make it competitive for everybody again

          • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

            That NFL salary cap that they could be taking away…yea…

          • If the NFL is smart they will keep the cap or else football will turn into what MLB is…

            Big markets compete for championships, smaller markets hope to be relevant

          • R_y_a_n 5 years ago


            Not wanting to get into a salary cap discussion, but I disagree with the argument no salary cap is a bad thing.

        • You do realize that the NYY weren’t winning WS with that monster “buy the FA” lineup? The Marlins won, Arizona won not so long ago as the mighty Yankee slayer, STL won, and Boston won 2x in forever., Philly, CHW, etc.

          Hard to blame a team like NYY for buying star talent in the FA, when teams dump salary on them in trades (Vazquez) and continue to trade star caliber talent to them (see Curtis Granderson).

          So if the Yankees and Boston are willing to give salary relief to other teams, why should they not be able to buy talent? We may not like it, but when my team the Houston Astros decide to go all in on a guy, they give 100mm to Carlos Lee and miss the real player like Carlos Beltran because they can’t offer the same type “lights” market as NYM.

          Not sure who your team is, but teams like the Mets and Cubs and Dodgers have been shelling out major contracts, just not as calculated as Yankees and Boston.

          Just my opinion

          • I’m not blaming them for doing what they are doing. The Yankees and Red Sox are winning teams and are a great business. They do what they have to do in order to win. I was simply replying to Brian’s comment about Upton becoming a Yankee or Red Sox in the future. Just having a little fun in here that’s all. Yea there are teams that win it with growing their players. I am a Dodger fan and i am enjoying the kids developing into the stars they are becoming. And honestly, I don’t blame winning teams for improving their teams, that is what they get paid to do. Yea the Marlins have won it twice with home grown talent, but what happened the off season after? The team was dismantled by other teams taking what they NEED.

            I was hoping for the Dodgers to nail holladay this offseason and the rival phillies who have knocked us out of the NLCS the last two seasons in a row traded their ace away in order to take their chances with an even better ace. Was I mad at the phillies? Hell no. That is a great orginization doing what they have to do.

            I appreciate your love and respect for the game though.

          • I really wanted LAD to lock up Kemp in a long term deal like Braun or Tulo. Seems like a great personality for the team also. I am waiting for LAD to spend the money on the #1 starter, maybe if Lee hits the FA.

  5. 3/22 to sort of piggy back on the extension that Kemp just signed. A little bit higher payday for JUpton due to younger age and potential ceiling.

    Braun would be a good comparison also with his 8/42 or 51 (super 2) since he was 24 at time of extension.

    Not sure whether JUpton is the type of guy that is looking for the FA after 2013 so…

  6. dbacknation 5 years ago

    Dbacks should sign Upton first, then Reynolds. Upton still hasnt reached his ceiling, where reynolds, pretty much what you see is what you get (TONS of power, 38+ HR’s per season, 90+ RBI’s, but also 200+ K’s and average (at best) defense).
    Upton? He’s been referred to as the ‘next Griffey Jr”… if that doesnt say enough, I don’t know what does. A true 5-tool player… he’ll hit for avg & power… TONS of speed and a cannon for an arm.

    Lock up Upton thru 2018
    Reynolds thru 2016.

    If you can somehow get that done? We’re in business and will be VERY successful for years to come.

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