No Discount For Adrian Gonzalez

9:04pm: Hayes has an updated story now, and it includes some interesting details. He reports that a Padres source said no teams approached San Diego about a deal for Gonzalez this winter. At last summer's non-waiver trade deadline, the Mariners were close to acquiring Gonzalez in a 6-for-1 trade, but the deal fell through when then-Padres GM Kevin Towers held out for one more player.

2:50pm: Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez isn't interested in a hometown discount, based on this report from Dan Hayes of the North County Times.  In reference to his current contract, Gonzalez said, "At the time you take the security…the next one is where I look for what I deserve."  I imagine he's expecting to top $100MM once he reaches free agency after the 2011 season.  Gonzalez says there have been no extension talks with the Padres.

Gonzalez is sure to continue appearing in trade rumors this summer, but he cautions that "99.9 percent of everything is false."